The U.S. Military Is Finally Testing Shotgun-Based 'Force Field' Technology

Years ago, Israeli defense outfit Rafael developed the equivalent of a “bubble shield” for military vehicles. The Trophy Active Protection System basically blasts incoming missiles into oblivion with a turreted shotgun. Now this tech is finally running on American M1 Abrams tanks and Stryker armored vehicles.

The USMC's Venerable Amphibious Assault Vehicles Are Getting New Life With Upgrades

The AAV-7 soldiers on after over 40 years in service with the USMC and a dozen other operators around the globe. As such the “Amtrak” has been upgraded over the decades to stay tactically relevant. Now, once again, it is receiving yet another infusion of new technologies making it more effective and survivable.

Death Of Marine Artilleryman In Iraq Reveals Previously Secret Fire Base Near Mosul 

On Saturday morning Marine Staff Sgt. Louis Cardin, a 27-year old artilleryman, was killed by a ISIS rocket attack on a previously secret forward fire support base in northern Iraq. Eight other marines were wounded by the onslaught. The news comes as the long awaited and extremely high-stakes “Mosul Offensive” is…

The Marines Corps' CH-53E Super Stallion Fleet Is In Inexcusably Horrible Disrepair 

The Marine Corps faces serious challenges with its aging CH-53E Super Stallion fleet. The huge and complex aircraft are decades old and tired from 15 years of war. A replacement is on the way, the CH-53K King Stallion, although it is behind schedule and still years away from becoming operational. Yet according to a…

Saddam Strikes Back: Iraq's Failed Invasion Of A Saudi City During Desert Storm

When most people think about Desert Storm, they probably imagine Saddam and his forces being contained and battered from the sky before being conquered in a 100 hour ground offensive. Yet the Battle of Khafji was the only instance Iraqi ground forces attempted to land a meaningful blow on the coalition on its own…

The Force Awakens Actor Was A Marine Before Picking Up A Lightsaber And Becoming Kylo Ren

Adam Driver, until recently best known for his work on the HBO hit series Girls, was a U.S. Marine before becoming an actor and eventually becoming The Force Awakens primary villain, the masked Kylo Ren. He briefly recounted this crazy journey on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last week.

USS New Orleans Returns To Port With MV-22 Osprey Hanging Precariously Off Its Deck

The U.S. Marines announced that an incident involving an MV-22 Osprey landing aboard the USS New Orleans occurred on Wednesday, thankfully with no injuries reported. But now we are seeing just how close this incident came to total disaster as the ship arrived back in San Diego with the Osprey in question hanging at an…

Watch F-35Bs Hover In For A Landing Off A Fake Ship Deck In The Desert

As the F-35B closes in on its (somewhat arbitrary) Initial Operational Capability date, crews have been expanding their flight training. Part of that includes Field Carrier Landing Practice where pilots hone their abilities at handling the aircraft around the tight confines of a amphibious assault ship – or at least a…


Liam Dwyer's Team Takes A Win In Front Of The Man Who Saved His Life

Unites States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Liam Dwyer is one of the great comeback stories of the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. After stepping on an IED in Afghanistan, he lost part of his leg. Now he races for Freedom Autosport, and the man who saved Sgt. Dwyer’s life finally got to watch him race at Laguna…