How the US Marines would invade a beach today

This intense footage shows an amphibious landing exercise performed by the US Marines and South Korea’s Marines at Dogue Beach in Pohang, South Korea. You see the ships swarming from the sea. You see hovercrafts landing on the beach. You see explosions. You’re basically seeing how the US Marines would invade a beach… »10/14/15 9:10pm10/14/15 9:10pm

Watch F-35Bs Hover In For A Landing Off A Fake Ship Deck In The Desert

As the F-35B closes in on its (somewhat arbitrary) Initial Operational Capability date, crews have been expanding their flight training. Part of that includes Field Carrier Landing Practice where pilots hone their abilities at handling the aircraft around the tight confines of a amphibious assault ship – or at least a… »5/11/15 8:30pm5/11/15 8:30pm

Liam Dwyer's Team Takes A Win In Front Of The Man Who Saved His Life

Unites States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Liam Dwyer is one of the great comeback stories of the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. After stepping on an IED in Afghanistan, he lost part of his leg. Now he races for Freedom Autosport, and the man who saved Sgt. Dwyer’s life finally got to watch him race at Laguna… »5/04/15 7:35pm5/04/15 7:35pm

Watch These Marines Set Up A Forward Arming/Refueling Point In Minutes

Here on Foxtrot Alpha we mention Forward Arming and Refueling Points pretty often, but describing how a C-130 can turn into a mobile gas station and ammo dump in the middle of nowhere in a matter of minutes and seeing it actually happen for your own eyes are two very different things. »1/07/15 9:01pm1/07/15 9:01pm

Video: Marine survives Taliban sniper headshot thanks to helmet

Afghanistan veteran Sam Arnold uploaded this spine-chilling video of a US Marine getting a direct headshot from a Taliban sniper—only to be saved by his kevlar helmet. It's incredible to watch, especially the face of relief and disbelief of the impact victim. That was a really close call. »10/16/14 8:09am10/16/14 8:09am

U.S. Quietly Evacuates Libyan Embassy With Surprise Convoy Escape

With Tripoli's major airport coming under fire and a civil war raging in the streets, it's been clear for a while that the fighting in Libya was getting out of control and the evacuation of U.S. staff and troops would be necessary. How'd they do it? With a sneaky early morning convoy. »7/26/14 9:07am7/26/14 9:07am

Today is Armed Forces Day: Strong and Resilient

I've enjoyed 22 years in the Air Force and wouldn't trade it for anything. I consider it a privilege to serve. And we get to work with some cool equipment. In my case I was in command of up to 50 ICBMs at a time. As I type my son is in Basic Training to become a United States Marine. He's carrying on a long family… »5/18/13 2:18pm5/18/13 2:18pm