2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid, Part Three

Why you should buy this car:
You want a luxury SUV that isn't blinged out or foreign. Your expectation of what luxury entails is fairly low. You don't like driving but you're too lazy to ride a bicycle. You give money to groups that support eco-friendly candidates but you don't actually vote.

Why you shouldn't buy… » 4/11/08 12:00pm 4/11/08 12:00pm

2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid, Part Two

Exterior Design:***
Whereas the platform buddy Ford Escape never manages to look tough enough and the other derivative, the Mazda Tribute, looks like a child with some sort of neurological condition, the Mercury Mariner Hybrid appears exactly as it should. By far the best looking of the trio, the conservative looks… » 4/10/08 12:00pm 4/10/08 12:00pm

IRS Gives Biggest Tax Credit To New Ford Hybrids

Now that the tax incentives to on the Toyota Prius have run out, the new king of the road for deductions are the hybrid offerings from Ford — the Hybrid Ford Escape and Hybrid Mercury Mariner two wheel drive. The taxman will be giving buyers of the twin hybrids up to $3,000 in deductions in an effort to offset the… » 3/28/08 12:45pm 3/28/08 12:45pm

D.C. Auto Show: 2009 Mercury Mariner And Ford Escape Debut, With New Tire Spoilers And Everything

We'd forgive you if you didn't know that anything would be happening at the Washington, D.C. Auto Show this year. We'd also forgive you if you didn't know there was a new 2009 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner on the way. Finally, we'd forgive you if after looking at these photos of the 2009 Ford Escape/Mariner you were… » 1/22/08 12:01am 1/22/08 12:01am

Ford Follows Fashion: Mercury Launches VOGA Series Cars

As if there was any remaining question Mercury's become Ford's chick brand (Jill Wagner, call the front desk) it's gone the way of the tube dress. That message's been strengthened by the introduction of Mercury's new VOGA-edition vehicles. It's the latest in a long line of Ford's designer-edition models, starting with… » 11/13/07 4:45pm 11/13/07 4:45pm

Step Livery: The Mercury Mariner Livery Package

If you're one seriously fly mofo looking for a special limo that doesn't gulp unleaded like that blond from Omaha put away bottles of Krug Grand Cuvée, you might consider putting Mercury on your list. At least, that's what the company's beseeching. Ford's promoting a new livery package for the Mercury Mariner Hybrid,… » 11/13/07 4:15pm 11/13/07 4:15pm

Ford Goes Troll-ing Consumer Auto Forums For Compliments On The 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid

We just got the latest press missive from Ford on the 2008 Mercury Mariner in both hybrid and non-hybrid flavors. The release, headlined "2008 MERCURY MARINER IS A HIT WITH ONLINE CONSUMERS" is a list of supposed owner comments culled from the posts of consumer auto-site forums. As you can expect, the remarks… » 7/17/07 9:45am 7/17/07 9:45am

Ad Watch: Jill Wagner Can Make A Mercury Mariner With Her Hot, Bare Hands

Yes, not as much Jill Wagner as we'd like, but hell, we'll take as much of her as FoMoCo will give us. In this episode of Blade commercialism from the not-Ford brand, our fair heroine is explaining how she can single-handedly re-badge a Ford product as a Mercury by placing the badge in the middle of thin air,… » 3/29/07 2:00pm 3/29/07 2:00pm

A More Convenient Truth: Al Gore Trades In Toyota For A Ford Hybrid

Looks like Al Gore's decided that it may be a bit inconvenient for him to be telling all this truth on the environment while driving what we're assuming is a non-hybrid a Lexus. The former Veep's following his boss and thinking Ford first. Gore's trading in his ToMoCo-made Lexus for a brand-spanking-new 2007 Mercury… » 3/26/07 11:30am 3/26/07 11:30am

You Get Zero Percent Financing, And You Get Zero Percent Financing!

Ford, pulling a page from the Oprah playbook, decided the small-scale test of zero percent financing for hybrid Escape and hybrid Mariner SUVs in Cali and DC was good enough for all to enjoy. So, feel free to run out to one of your local Ford dealers right now to take advantage of some interest-ing finance deals. But… » 4/07/06 10:10am 4/07/06 10:10am

Badge Un-engineering: Mazda Tribute Production Suspended

Word today is Mazda is suspending production of its version of the Ford Escape / Mercury Mariner SUVs, the Tribute. According to reports the company opted out of producing the Trib (at Ford's Claycomo truck plant) during the relatively short production span of the 2007 model year — May through December — because a… » 2/22/06 10:56am 2/22/06 10:56am

Carroll Shelby Helps Choose Mercury Mariner Hybrid as 'Green Car of the Year'

We stumbled across The Green Car Journal's "Green Car of the Year" awards ceremony by happenstance and were pretty damn well surprised to see Carroll Shelby sitting there on the panel of judges. After all, he was the man responsible for replacing four-bangers in British sports cars with gas-beer-bonging eights.… » 1/05/06 10:24pm 1/05/06 10:24pm