The Great Corn Conspiracy: Ethanol Additives Damaging Certain Boats

Many of us around these parts maintain a bit of skepticism when it comes to the prospect of corn-based ethanol serving as a long-term gasoline substitute, or even a viable short-term patch before our great hydrogen-powered future. Fun though it may be to make ethanol-powered Vettes and Corn gas Koenigsegg's, the idea… » 4/15/08 3:20pm 4/15/08 3:20pm

Supporting The Troops, One Collision At A Time

Getting treatment you'd only expect in Sadr City or Walter Reed, Marine Sergeant Michael Hutchinson ran into a fast food restaurant to grab some forgotten fries and returned to find an angry man, Mr. Glenn Merrill of Bedford, trying to move the Marine's Explorer (oh yeah, and the Marine's daughter was in the car).… » 3/22/07 12:20pm 3/22/07 12:20pm

Come Sail Your Ships Around Me: World's Most Powerful Diesel

Since we moved a few blocks from the Port of Los Angeles, we've taken an intrest in shipping. We've always loved boats, but living next to one of the world's largest hubs of commerce has naturally piqued our interest in the machinery involved. And frankly, the marine diesels that power container ships are… » 8/11/06 9:15pm 8/11/06 9:15pm