Can You Smoke Pot in Grand Theft Auto V?

In the gameplay trailer yesterday for Grand Theft Auto V, one of the three protagonists, Franklin, leaves a Medical Marajuana dispensary. As he’s leaving, he smells a vial in his hand and says “Damn!” Which raises the question: Can you smoke pot in Grand Theft Auto V? » 7/10/13 12:34pm 7/10/13 12:34pm

Junkyard Find: Who's Your Doob-ernatorial Candidate?

When you're building weird stuff out of car parts (or if you rely entirely on cheap-ass beater cars for transportation), you'll be spending a lot of time in your local junkyards. I've always loved junkyards anyway, so I'm often at my favorite yard, sniffing through cars like a junk-food-mad bear digging through… » 8/23/07 4:45pm 8/23/07 4:45pm

Want To Get Hassled By The Man? Fiberweed Van Air Freshener!

We can't be sure that this air freshener, inspired by the Stoniest Vehicle In Motion Picture History, actually smells like reefer. But we can guarantee the smell won't matter as soon as a member of the law enforcement community takes a look at this thing dangling from the mirror of your vehicle; regardless of actual… » 7/10/07 5:30pm 7/10/07 5:30pm

Reefer-Mad Aussies Suck On Doobs, Kill Passengers!

From a purely technical standpoint, we've got to give this Australian don't-do-dope-and-drive ad a thumbs-up for production value: the crackling sound of the joint burning, the purplish light playing tetrahydracannabinolically over the devilweed-maddened hopheads' faces, the foreshadowing of heartbreak and tragic…

» 6/22/07 3:00pm 6/22/07 3:00pm

Even Sergeant Stedenko Could Handle This Bust

So this dude is cruising along in his Chevy Malibu, just him and a duffel bag containing 43 pounds of marijuana, enjoying a nice drive through the South Carolina countryside. Then he spaces out- imagine that!- and rams a cop car pulled over to investigate an earlier wreck. Whoops! I'm sure the cops were annoyed that he … » 3/07/07 12:27pm 3/07/07 12:27pm