Miniature Nissan modified to look like vintage Jaguar on Ebay

If you've always wanted the look of a vintage Jaguar but they were too big, left hand drive, unreliable or easy to get parts for in America, one Japanese company created a not so perfect solution. Behold the Mitsuoka Viewt. Built on the body of a Nissan March by a Japanese company that specializes in unique automotive… »7/30/11 11:00am7/30/11 11:00am

PCH, Hemi Transplant Edition: Clenet II or Mitsuoka Viewt?

The last time we set foot in the Hell That Is Project, the blown Kaiser Manhattan just barely beat the blown VW Corrado, showing that heartbreaking dilemmas can be fun! For today, I wanted to pick a couple of glitz-heavy high-roller machines, but there's something important missing from all the ones I could find for… »1/21/08 5:45pm1/21/08 5:45pm

The Ides of March Ain't so Elgrand: Nissan to Recall Over 150,000 Vehicles

Nissan's quality control department must be having Zsa-Zsa-sized fits. First Altimas and Sentras develop a penchant for oil consumption and possible conflagration and now more than 150,000 Japanese-market vehicles are on their way back to dealers for repairs. The 144,298 Elgrand minivans built between April 2002 and… »6/15/06 3:30pm6/15/06 3:30pm