Leather wrapped Ferrari F430 is an exercise in bad taste

The Russian tuning house responsible for building the infamous whale penis interior equipped luxury SUV is at it again. This time Dartz has wrapped a Ferrari F430 in leather grain vinyl that was not, as far as we can tell, sourced from an animal's genitalia. We can't imagine anyone in Maranello is very happy about… »8/20/11 11:00am8/20/11 11:00am

Ferrari Celebrates 60th Birthday With Live-Action Shell Commercial!

We've got a treat for your inner Ferrari fan boy that'll make even the worst case of the Mondays disappear. This past weekend, as was alluded to earlier, the folks from Ferrari put together a 60-year celebration of epic proportions for the prancing horse brand. Rather than simply a big cake or everyone gathering… »6/25/07 9:45am6/25/07 9:45am

Greetings from Maranello: Vacation Shots from Ferrari Central

Unlike most of other people's vacation pictures, we never get tired of eyeballing snapshots from trips to Ferrariworld. That is, Maranello, Italy, where the Prancing Horse hangs spectre-like over a 20-kilometer radius. You can almost smell the caciocavallo cheese plate at Schumacher's favorite haunt, Il Montana. Or… »4/12/07 10:44am4/12/07 10:44am

Before There was Stefan Eriksson, There was Enzo: Inside Ferrari's Maranello Factory

Watching this video of million-dollar Ferrari Enzos being built lovingly at the company''s Maranello factory (in 2005), we're beset by sadness and homicidal urges — thinking of how that Swedish goofball, Stefan Eriksson, rendered someone's painstaking work unto the gods of physics in seconds. From a heartfelt twist… »6/01/06 11:15am6/01/06 11:15am

The Supercars Have Left the Building: Inside the Ferrari Factory

We've been wanting to tour the inside of Ferrari's Maranello factory ever since Big Bird taught us the word for the color red. Sadly, we're not quite in the same league as Canadian Driver, which posted a profile of the prancing horse's birthing rooms. As an added bonus, they've included at least one shot of new 599… »5/08/06 3:53pm5/08/06 3:53pm