Send Google Maps, MapQuest Directions Directly To Your Garmin

OnStar isn't the only company to work with mapping software companies. Garmin recently announced the ability to directly send maps and directions to a Garmin GPS navigation system. Rather than taking the painstaking process of looking up an address, writing it down and inputting it into your Garmin GPS navigation… »4/02/08 3:30pm4/02/08 3:30pm


OnStar Adds MapQuest, One-Touch Addressing, Traffic and Ex-Avoidance

For all the goofy hype that surrounds it, OnStar is occasionally helpful to those who have it. The OnStar/GM Nav system should be getting better now that the Onstar-Mapquest service is ready to go. The three main features include the ability to feed an address to an OnStar advisor while driving, the ability to create… »4/02/08 2:15pm4/02/08 2:15pm

OnStar And MapQuest Partnering To Help You Get Lost As Easily As Possible

The subsidiary sitting atop a star that's owned by the General is taking the turn-by-turn downloadble direction nav system in GM vehicles pretty seriously. They announced yesterday at an embargoed press conference they're expanding their nav system by partnering with MapQuest to allow subscribers to send… »4/25/07 1:01am4/25/07 1:01am