Maple-y Cadillacness: The Marindo 504

No, it's not Canadian. The Maple Marindo 504 is the latest from China's Shanghai Maple Automobile, a subsidiary of Geely. It may look like some sort of bastard Caddy CTS, but it's based on a Citro n, whose association with China goes back to the Qing Dynasty, or the 1980s (whichever came second). » 11/16/06 7:19am 11/16/06 7:19am

Homage or Ripoff? Chinese Cars that Swing Something Else

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Chinese automakers are the sincerest mofos in the automaking universe. Take, for example something called the Sceo from Shuanghuan Auto (above right left), which looks from the rear quarter like a knockoff BMW X5. Chery made headlines last year when GM accused it of… » 9/01/06 9:08am 9/01/06 9:08am