Supercar Hypermiling Day 2: Ferrari F430

In Part 1, I found the Ford GT's high-torque V8 pretty economical in traffic. But what was it we were saying about those Italian engineers and their appetite for Chianti? Well, like father like son, the creators of the F430 created a thirsty one. In spite of being the smallest, arguably most sophisticated and largely… » 11/21/07 8:45am 11/21/07 8:45am

Jalopnik Team Party Crash: Auto Media And Liquor, Never Sicker

There comes a time in every young automotive blog's life when it's time for him to become a man. Last night was that time as we celebrated our 2 1/3 anniversary in swanky style at the Manhattan Classic Car Club. With a night spent drinking and downing loin-burgers in Lutzian style we're assuming we had fun but the… » 4/05/07 3:21pm 4/05/07 3:21pm

Jalopnik Vrit: Down at the Manhattan Classic Car Club, Part 1

We stopped by the Manhattan Classic Car Club to oogle its fleet of classics (e.g., Ferrari 348, Chevelle SS 396, 1977 Aston Martin Vantage, 1974 Jaguar XKE) and late-model performance sheetmetal (e.g., Ford GT, Lotus Elise, BMW M3), which club members can sign out for up to five days as part of their membership. We… » 4/03/06 3:39pm 4/03/06 3:39pm