You Have No Style, You Have No Soul: Please Eat a Past-Due Eclair and Enjoy Botulism

It's one of those evenings. Really. Everything's played. Most of the large majority of a plethora of things by and large suck. Which means we're reduced to ranting. Sure, we could toe the Gawker line and bitch that Si can rim us and Jobs' cotomer sevis is roughly at-or-below third-world levels. And then we realize… » 10/18/06 12:45am 10/18/06 12:45am

The Real Problem With Automotive CEOs These Days

Honestly, it boils down to this: Not Rick Wagoner, Bill Ford, Carlos Ghosn, Bernd Pieschetsrieder, J rgen Schrempp, Sergio Marchionne, Roger Smith, Katsuaki Watanabe, nor even Dieter Zetsche nor Lido will ever be known as "Il Commendatore." And this friends, is why modern culture is sucking right now. We need us some… » 8/31/06 10:00pm 8/31/06 10:00pm

Could Kerkorian Push GM Into Ghosn Renault-Nissan?

According to the AP, KirkKerk's Tracinda Corp, which owns nearly a 10th of GM, in a partnership with Renault and Nissan, could easily purchase 30% of the ailing American automaker, giving them a hefty vote on the board, and possibly ending Rick Wagoner's lifelong career with the General. Some are for the deal,… » 7/05/06 9:30pm 7/05/06 9:30pm

Kelly Clarkson's Bold Marketing Message For Ford

FoMoCo's looking to change their tune, and using Kelly Clarkson of American Idol to do it. It appears Ford's gonna be ditching the slogan "Built for the Road Ahead" after it just hit it's one year birthday. The plan, according to "insiders", is to move to the slogan of "Bold Moves." It certainly is a "Bold Move" for… » 4/25/06 9:30am 4/25/06 9:30am

'Arrested Development' Well and Truly Dead, No Comment from Dieter Zetsche

Mr Bakafish just hipped us to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle reporting that Dieter Zetsche's beloved sitcom, Arrested Development, has been finally laid to rest and will not be airing on Showtime as we originally reported. There's no comment in the story from the DaimlerChrysler boss who played Tobias F… » 3/29/06 5:28pm 3/29/06 5:28pm

50-Foot Queenie: Wagoner Forced to Apologize For GM Small-Car Exec

A friend of ours who, until recently, was in the car-review biz, gave the Chevy Cobalt SS a lukewarm review, pointing out the harsh motor, plasticky interior and doofy rear wing. GM's response? Anger, misery, yanking of advertising from the publication he worked for. When the HHR dropped, GM Executive for small cars,… » 3/20/06 2:40pm 3/20/06 2:40pm

Forbes on Fitch on Ford: Whose Credibility is Really at Stake?

Forbes' Richard Lehmann takes on Fitch's downgrade of Ford's credit rating from BB+ to BB, noting that in the post-Enron era, the credit agencies are doing everything they can to restore investors' faith, including forecasting futures that Lehmann seems to think may be akin to reading tea leaves, given the variables… » 3/16/06 4:06pm 3/16/06 4:06pm