The Finns Want To Know Your Favorite Color For A New El Camino

The friendly Finns at the site all about the Fans of Cars around the World have found themselves an online configuration tool for the new Holden HSV Maloo R8 Ute and they're asking a very important question. Namely — what color would we choose for our very own down-under El Camino re-make. Seriously — they want to… » 11/29/07 9:30am 11/29/07 9:30am

Shots Of Next-Generation HSV Maloo Leak Out Onto The Web

That image above is supposedly of the next generation of HSV's most powerful ute — the Holden Ute-based Maloo — and it appears to have found its way onto the internet weeks ahead of the official debut at the Sydney Motor Show in October. Like the Maloo's lower-powered Holden Ute brother, the HSV Maloo looks to be… » 8/30/07 1:15pm 8/30/07 1:15pm