Get A Month Of Unlimited Flights Around Southeast Asia For $148

Some of you might remember back to 2009 and 2010, when jetBlue sold an All You Can Jet pass — $599 for a month's worth of unlimited flying. They haven't done that in a while, but another airline is now doing something similar for $148. The catch is that you have to do all your flying in Southeast Asia. » 11/22/14 11:01am 11/22/14 11:01am

Jeremy Clarkson's Most Hated Car Fails As Armored-Car Heist Getaway…

The three robbers in Saujana Impian, Malaysia, had almost all the details worked out for the perfect crime. Almost » 9/30/08 2:00pm 9/30/08 2:00pm. They did pretty well with the part involving the hijacking of an armored Toyota van carrying cash for ATMs. And the getaway? Flawless! Then, however, the weak link in their scheme made itself known;…

Mooove Over, Malaysian Thieves Crash Car With Stolen Cow In The Back…

If you're like us, you read the New Straits Times religiously. You therefore may have noticed a piece in today's issue about a couple of would-be cattle rustlers that managed to get an adult cow in the back seat of a mid-sized sedan before a group of villagers in the area noticed. When the villagers did finally… » 1/24/08 3:15pm 1/24/08 3:15pm

Automotive Inbreeding In Action: Europestar RCR

Reader Franzouse has pulled our coats about this fine automobile from those Malaysian maniacs at Proton. Introducing the Europestar Lotus RCR! It's based on the Gen-2, with a bunch of Lotus poured into the mix to confuse matters; the RCR will be assembed- and presumably sold- in China and gets a mighty 112-horse… » 12/19/07 3:30pm 12/19/07 3:30pm

Two China-Built Lotus Models in the Offing

While protons may be absolutely essential subatomic bits of your joe-schmoe lotus, who knew that Proton was planning to diversify and outsource its Hethel acquisition's creations? But Malaysia's Proton is doing just that, giving China's Jinhua Neoplan the go-ahead to build two Lotus models, which may be the Europa and… » 8/08/07 10:00pm 8/08/07 10:00pm

¡Vaya Con Vios! Or, Er, The Loch Ness Monster

If you are a Malaysian sort and find yourself jogging the edge of Loch Ness, a word of warning to all y'all, even if you're roughly a micron-sized percentage of a pinch of our readership — you may end up owning a Toyota Vios. Or being consumed by a controversial lake creature. Your choice, really. [Thanks to Tiffany… » 8/06/07 5:27pm 8/06/07 5:27pm

The Rain In Sepang Smokes Pole: Switzerland's Jani Loses To German…

After Neel Jani took the pole yesterday and turned it into a win during the sprint race this morning, the race gods decided they'd had quite enough Swiss dominance for one weekend — opening the heavens up half an hour before the start of the feature race, forcing a start behind the pace safety (damn this silly A1GP… » 11/26/06 3:58pm 11/26/06 3:58pm