Hero Dad Builds An Amazing Interactive Spaceship For His Son's Bedroom

MAKE Magazine's Jeff Highsmith wanted to build his 4-year-old son an interactive model of an Apollo spacecraft. The result was the surprisingly complex play area seen here – but to really appreciate the thought and effort that went into this project, you really must watch the making-of video. Seriously, this'll blow… » 8/01/14 10:33am 8/01/14 10:33am

You're Bound to Lose Control When the Rubber Band Starts to Jam: Rubber…

Sure, go ahead and take Make's advice and build this rubber-band-powered car — circa 1932. Just make sure the bands don't jam, because you're bound to lose control, and possibly even slam into a wayward perambulator. » 10/26/06 4:39pm 10/26/06 4:39pm

Mister Jalopy Goes to San Mateo

Mister Jalopy's got a new post up that covers DIY exhaust-manifold-bolt replacement, the joy and terror of driving from Los Angeles to San Mateo on I-5 in a clapped-out Kombi Country Squire, and his time at the Maker Faire, an expo put on by the DIY buenos at Make Magazine. Few writers capture the joy and frustration… » 5/03/06 8:31pm 5/03/06 8:31pm