Jalopnik Reviews: 2006 Dodge Magnum R/T, Part 2

Exterior Design ****
I'm givin' it a four, mainly because I like the Charger's angry-eyebrows front end more than the wide-eyed, vaguely phallic nose of the Magnum. And of course, the 300's the best of the bunch. That said, I really dig the choptop styling of all the LX cars, and the semi-fastback five-door look… » 11/17/05 6:07pm 11/17/05 6:07pm

Jalopnik Reviews: 2006 Dodge Magnum R/T, Part 1

I just saw a guy at a stoplight in a Dodge Magnum with a bad billet grille and a set of overwrought dubs. He looked as if he may earn additional income by starring in bear porn flicks: shaved head, prematurely gray, bushy handlebar mustache, etc. I glanced down at the fender tag to check the model. Just as I'd… » 11/16/05 11:40pm 11/16/05 11:40pm

No Longer Pickin' Up Transfer-Case Vibrations: AWD LX Cars Resume Production

Chrysler suspended production of its all-wheel-drive LX cars at its Brampton, ON plant back in June, due to a low-speed vibration in the transfer case. Magna Drivetrain, the transfer case's supplier, has done some fiddling and futzing with the box, and apparently the shaking's stopped. DCX hasn't released numbers on… » 9/22/05 2:18pm 9/22/05 2:18pm