Dodge Recalls Over 20,000 Charger and Magnum Police Cars

Every gearhead's dream of participating in a proper police chase involving Hemi-powered cruisers is a bit more difficult today, as Dodge is pulling 20,283 Chargers and Magnums equipped with both the Police Package and column shifter off the beat. Chrysler is concerned these particular cars could suffer from a bout of… »11/07/08 6:00pm11/07/08 6:00pm

A Magic Means of Transportation: 1978 Dodge Magnum XE

The venerable Chrysler B-Body platform still had some life left in it by the Late Malaise Era, and that meant that the descendant of the Super Bee and Charger was going to roll with T-tops A Cord-type grille, sophisticated instrumentation, and electronic wizardry. Oh yes, and a 140-horse 318, though you could also… »12/06/07 3:30pm12/06/07 3:30pm

Chrysler Set To Drop The Ax on Pacifica, PT Cruiser, Dodge Magnum

Chrysler is expected to kill off its Pacifica, PT Cruiser and Dodge Magnum at some kind of a board meeting today. With sales of all those models dropping by nearly 30 percent this year, there's not much left to kill, but fates will be decided at the first board meeting with former Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli as… »10/30/07 11:00am10/30/07 11:00am

Dodge Family Feud: Charger R/T Vs. Challenger R/T

We know; today is going to be rough. Ever since the 1970 Buick GSX 455 robbed the Judge edged out the other the other three GM big blocks for a spot in our Fantasy Garage there have been howls for 440 Six Packs, 426 Hemis and general Mopar R/T madness. Well friends, today is your feast. As always, caveat emptor, for… »10/17/07 12:00pm10/17/07 12:00pm

Adventures In Not-So-Subliminal Car Advertising: We're Thinking Of A Number, Any Two-Digit Number...

This newspaper ad for a Queens auto dealership could be the world's most obvious attempt at linking sex with buying a car. Still, considering it's an ad for the Hyundai Elantra and the Sonata — that may not be the worst idea to move some product. Hell, maybe they should try that shit out with the Dodge Magnum or… »1/30/07 10:12am1/30/07 10:12am

Detroit Auto Show: No Funny Here — The 2008 Dodge Magnum R/T And SRT8

Yeah, we're all a bit mind-wiped right now in the media center. Therefore we're leaving the gags and humor behind on this one — mostly because we're not creative enough at the moment to come up with anything funny and unusual about the new-for-2008 Dodge Magnum. So, you know — the press release is after the jump and… »1/09/07 4:00pm1/09/07 4:00pm

Braking! Chrysler Group Looks For Do-Over On 2007 Model Year, Recalls 62,369 Vehicles

Oops. Hope you weren't planning on using those brakes in your new '07 model Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep-branded — umm — anything. We've just heard the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid's recalling 62,369 vehicles for what Reuters says is a need to "reprogram a computer that is related to the brake system." And… »12/22/06 4:19pm12/22/06 4:19pm

SEMAture Ejaculation: Wert's Exclusive "Interview" With Chrysler Design Guru Ralph Gilles

While attempting to get my full fill of the Chrysler Group's SkunkWerks team SEMA 'splosion in Auburn Hills on Friday, I had the chance to sit down (and by sit down, I mean I stood behind a camera, question-filled notepad in hand) with none other than Chrysler Group design guru Ralph Gilles. Gilles is the artistic… »10/30/06 3:20pm10/30/06 3:20pm

Dirty Harry Wished He Had This Magnum: Taking A Ride In The Dodge Magnum Police Package

So a couple of the boys from Automobile were heading out in the 2007 Dodge Magnum fitted with the for-law-enforcement-only police package yesterday at the Chrysler Proving Grounds. Recognizing an opportunity for a ride we've usually only seen after a night of binge drinking, we asked if they minded a ride-along as… »6/23/06 2:30pm6/23/06 2:30pm