That Sound You Heard Was the American Car Magazine Business Downshifting: 0-60 Debuts

Brian Scotto is freakishly tall, at least to my average-minus eye height. He's also a freakishly nice guy, which in the magazine business is like finding a Tahitian pearl in a plate of McCormick and Schmick's oysters. That's why, when I heard Scotto was working on a new car magazine - not just a car magazine, my dream… »8/20/07 1:15pm8/20/07 1:15pm

Question(s) of the Day: Who Will Buy Primedia's Car Titles; Which Will be Cut?

Ho, snap. Just a day after content giant, Primedia announced it was buying car-niche competitor VerticalScope Inc.'s Modified, Modified Luxury and Exotics titles, the company announced it's looking to sell off its remaining enthusiast titles. Primedia has been on a cash-raising binge, of late, for example, shedding… »2/09/07 1:01pm2/09/07 1:01pm