Why Don't More Cities Have E-Bike Shares?

This week, Madrid became the first European city to launch a fully electric bike share system for its residents. It works just like a regular bike share, but better: An electric motor kicks in to help with pedaling, and most importantly, give you an extra push up hills. Why isn't this standard for bike shares… »6/24/14 4:56pm6/24/14 4:56pm


Pretty Sneaky 'Sis: Toyota Introduces 2007 Avensis in Madrid

Toyota rolled out its newest Avansis, the company's European flagship (which competes in the wacky Euro-focused "upper medium D segment") at the Madrid show today. The new model has slightly more visual interest than the previous model, though it retains its conservative, salaryman's-special profile. Word is the… »5/25/06 3:00pm5/25/06 3:00pm