Why Don't More Cities Have E-Bike Shares?

This week, Madrid became the first European city to launch a fully electric bike share system for its residents. It works just like a regular bike share, but better: An electric motor kicks in to help with pedaling, and most importantly, give you an extra push up hills. Why isn't this standard for bike shares… » 6/24/14 4:56pm 6/24/14 4:56pm

Pretty Sneaky 'Sis: Toyota Introduces 2007 Avensis in Madrid

Toyota rolled out its newest Avansis, the company's European flagship (which competes in the wacky Euro-focused "upper medium D segment") at the Madrid show today. The new model has slightly more visual interest than the previous model, though it retains its conservative, salaryman's-special profile. Word is the… » 5/25/06 3:00pm 5/25/06 3:00pm

Citroen to Unveil the C-Buggy Concept in Madrid

Get those Speedos packed, and make sure the E is the good shit this time, not that stuff from Delaware or wherever. The Madrid motor show's calling, and... We're not going. But don't cry for us, Ibiza, we're still planning to get all the updates as they happen, or when anyone in the city wakes up from snoozing at… » 5/12/06 5:31pm 5/12/06 5:31pm