DOTSBE, Carolinas Edition: Mystery Mack Truck

We've had quite a few great Down On The Street Bonus Edition cars and pickups so far, but how about great big diesels? The kind that's inspired even more country tunes than Death Row? Fortunately, road-test guru Wes Siler and a certain Czech Corvette-drivin' Jonny Lieberman were down in the Carolinas and came across… » 4/08/08 3:30pm 4/08/08 3:30pm

Loaded Up and Truckin': Australian Sets Tractor-Trailers Record

Australia in the '00s seems to us, watching from afar, like America in the 1970s. RWD cars, mad hoonage, that peaceful easy feelin', and truckin'. Mad truckin'. Retired semi-driver John Atkinson hitched his Mack prime mover up to 113 loaded trailers and towed the whole train 382 feet. The gross vehicle weight? 2.87… » 3/24/06 2:04pm 3/24/06 2:04pm