Here's How Giant Machines Clear Roads Through Ridiculously Deep Snow

Mother Nature always forgets to end winter in places like Norway so it’s up to these giant snow blower tractors to clear the road. You can see how it works in the video below, the monster snow blower blasts through the layers of thick snow and carves out an open path, revealing the mountain road that was buried…


Car Wash Manager Straps Self to Spinning Scrubber, Somehow Survives

The manager of a Louisiana drive-through car wash was doing some routine cleaning when his power-washer hose got sucked into one of the large, rotating scrubber, and sucked him in along with it. Unable to move, thanks to the hose wrapped around him, Josh Hood endured roughly 30 embarrassing seconds of spin-cycle…

Seeing this curb roller machine shape messy cement into a smooth curb is so satisfying

Ah. When life gives you a mess, just use this curb roller to smooth things out. It packs and flattens and smoothes any thing it meets. Just look at how kludges of cement transform into a perfectly shaped curb after the roller gets its roll on. It’s like the world’s strongest rolling pin but for cement and not baking.