Car Wash Manager Straps Self to Spinning Scrubber, Somehow Survives

The manager of a Louisiana drive-through car wash was doing some routine cleaning when his power-washer hose got sucked into one of the large, rotating scrubber, and sucked him in along with it. Unable to move, thanks to the hose wrapped around him, Josh Hood endured roughly 30 embarrassing seconds of spin-cycle… »11/11/15 3:04pm11/11/15 3:04pm


Watch this mega machine erect a bridge

There’s a lot of moving parts when it comes to the construction of a bridge. Like, how do you build a bridge without the help of a bridge? The easiest way? This SLJ900 machine. It moves in coordinated parts to deftly erect a bridge or viaduct, balancing its weight on the beams before laying out the groundwork. It’s… »10/30/15 12:35pm10/30/15 12:35pm

Seeing this curb roller machine shape messy cement into a smooth curb is so satisfying

Ah. When life gives you a mess, just use this curb roller to smooth things out. It packs and flattens and smoothes any thing it meets. Just look at how kludges of cement transform into a perfectly shaped curb after the roller gets its roll on. It’s like the world’s strongest rolling pin but for cement and not baking. »10/21/15 9:30pm10/21/15 9:30pm

Watch a humongous hungry machine crush and swallow engine blocks

Here’s the Hammel Red Giant Car Shredder tasting a few engine block appetizers before the beast machine moves on to swallowing whole cars. It’s fun seeing the direct view of the evil Transformer-sized machine at work, the teeth just roll together and grind away at any and every thing that gets thrown in. »7/09/15 12:29am7/09/15 12:29am

The 485-ton machine that chewed through Manhattan

A massive steel worm with a bright patina of yellow paint covering its blade-edged face started its journey through Manhattan's Upper East Side on May 14th, 2010, chewing up 60 linear feet of earth each day. 17 months later, the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), stripped of its paint, has emerged — but now, instead of a… »10/11/11 2:30pm10/11/11 2:30pm