I can watch this machine spit out and bend metal tubes forever

There's just something about tube bending machines that I can never get enough of. This video of the Sharpe Nissin CNC tube bender machine is basically hypnotizing me. As the tube pops (poops?) out of the machine, it gets bent and shaped perfectly. » 6/20/14 9:15pm 6/20/14 9:15pm

Watch Five Giant Cat Excavators Play the World's Biggest Game of Jenga

Twenty-seven wooden blocks weighing 600 pounds each? That's no regular game of Jenga—that's a job for a team of five giant, yet agile, Cat excavators and telehandlers to take on. Just some machines having fun. » 4/15/14 1:20pm 4/15/14 1:20pm

The Ten Weirdest One-Off Work Vehicles

In 1968, Hungarians had to engineer something quickly to kill a massive gas fire. Pictured above, the 'Big Wind' is a T34 tank with twin MiG-29 jets pushing out a mixture of 1,585 gallons of steamed water and oxygen-poor air every minute. It's pretty bizarre, but here are ten even weirder machines. » 4/14/14 11:20am 4/14/14 11:20am

The 485-ton machine that chewed through Manhattan

A massive steel worm with a bright patina of yellow paint covering its blade-edged face started its journey through Manhattan's Upper East Side on May 14th, 2010, chewing up 60 linear feet of earth each day. 17 months later, the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), stripped of its paint, has emerged — but now, instead of a… » 10/11/11 2:30pm 10/11/11 2:30pm

This Is How They Deal With Snowpocalypse In Japan

Some people didn't believe the stunning snow scenes from Japan. What kind of monster machines do they use to clean roads from snowfall as tall as a four-story building? A Gundam plow machine? Now you can watch how they do it. » 12/30/10 12:48pm 12/30/10 12:48pm

The Ingenious Machine That Can Print Cobblestone Roads

A road printer. That's the only way I can classify this machine, which can build 400 yards of road per day using cobblestone. You just have to keep feeding it bricks, and it will just work. [Thanks Perico!] » 11/13/10 11:15am 11/13/10 11:15am

15 Monstrous Mining Machines

With the recent rescue of the 33 Chilean miners, we've got mining on the brain. How do they create those crazy tunnels deep in the earth? With these spinning, churning, crushing machines of mayhem and destruction, that's how. » 10/15/10 5:41pm 10/15/10 5:41pm

The Calendar For Your Heavy Equipment Hard-On

Marcus Mumbach, of German website Bauforum24, "Das Portal fur Bau und Baumaschinen," ("Bau" means construction — you can probably figure out the rest), has helped complete the site's first Heavy Equipment Calendar for 2010. It's pure machine porn. » 12/11/09 11:00am 12/11/09 11:00am