March Madness Down To Elite Eight, Voting To Final Four Today

And then there were eight. On Wednesday, we'll have the final round to decide which is the coolest car from the original Gone In 60 Seconds, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Today, we have to pare these eight contenders down to a final four. Who's gonna make the cut? Which is the coolest? Eleanor or the Roller?… » 3/31/08 1:00pm 3/31/08 1:00pm

March Madness Narrowed To Sweet 16, Round 2 Of Voting Today

Well here we are, Round 2 of Jalopnik-style madness. After the first round of voting, we've eliminated half of the 32-car field. And there sure were some upsets; Parnelli Jones' Big Oly Bronco losing to some white Italian car being perhaps the most shocking. We even had a last minute buzzer-beater, with "Billy"… » 3/28/08 1:00pm 3/28/08 1:00pm

Mustang Mach 1: The Way To Swing In '69!

Let's say it's 1969 and you've turned on the TV. What do you see? Why, this singing, dancing group of well-scrubbed young people who don't remind you one little bit of those dirty, stinking, VW-driving, war-protesting hippies! You'll be geared up to run right down to the nearest Ford dealership and buy yourself the… » 1/04/08 11:45am 1/04/08 11:45am

Will The 2009 Ford Mustang Go To Mach 1... Or Just Be The Boss?

According to the ever-evolving pony car watchers at MustangEvolution.com, fans of the muscular Mustang are trying to figure out what Ford will offer up to keep their promise of a special ed(ition) Mustang each year until the next re-design. As we're not expecting to see the new 'stang any time before 2010, our guess… » 11/27/07 8:15am 11/27/07 8:15am