Hone a Knife on the Rough Edge of a Vehicle Window

If you're out fishing, hunting, or camping, a decent knife is a good thing to have on hand. If you haven't honed the blade in a while, you can do it along the top edge of your vehicle's window. » 12/19/14 5:49pm 12/19/14 5:49pm

Break a Car Window with a Headrest in an Emergency

With luck, you'll never be trapped in a car with the need to break the window from the inside, but if you are, and you don't have the right tools, your salvation may be right behind your head. Here's how to use your car seat's headrest to break your car door window. » 1/08/14 1:59pm 1/08/14 1:59pm

30 Essential Things You Should Keep in Your Car

Some of us keep absolutely nothing in our car trunks, while others have enough packed to live in their cars for weeks. Somewhere in between is this list of thirty things we think every car owner should always have on hand. » 9/06/13 11:34am 9/06/13 11:34am

Unlock Your Car From The Outside With A Shoelace

If you accidentally lock your keys in the car and don't have your wedge and metal rod handy, you can often unlock the car from the outside using nothing but your shoelace. » 2/15/12 8:00pm 2/15/12 8:00pm