People With Mostly Bad Taste In Music Do Wykkid Mac Mini Prius Install

Our father who art in the Big Apple, Nick Denton be his name, kicked down this link to what's admittedly a pretty trick, clean install of a Mac Mini in a Prius. We understand the appeal of the Prius to Mac dorks, as it's a whiz-bang techno-thingy that just works. But at the same time, we're Mac dorks who like to suck… »6/22/06 2:04am6/22/06 2:04am


Dr. Brown, Let's Watch "Back to the Future": Mac Mini in a DeLorean

Thanks to Make magazine, we got wind of a DeLorean owner who's installed a Mac Mini entertainment hub hooked to a video projection unit and a 37" screen in his beloved gull-winged wonder. Question: If Dr. Brown and Marty McFly were to watch "Back to the Future" in this rig at 88 mph, would this awkward stab at… »6/06/06 12:00pm6/06/06 12:00pm