Cracked Up Noble M400 On eBay, Maybe Bigger Brakes Are In Order

Would you love to have a Noble but can't wait for the M600 and don't have the scratch to buy a new M400? It's your lucky day because there's a gently crash 2007 Noble M400 just waiting for you in Indiana. On top of being a sweet shade of p**sy magnet yellow and having only 8706 miles, it only needs a radiator,… »5/22/08 2:20pm5/22/08 2:20pm


Moller Expresses "Substantial Doubt" About Flying Car Future

Oh Noes! Our dreams of owning a Moller M400 flying car may be in jeopardy. The company's deficit climbed to $40.6 million in the third quarter of 2007, with a quarterly loss of $81,071. Execs at the company say that a lot of capital is required of to continue the quest for the vehicle and that they have "substantial… »11/19/07 4:30pm11/19/07 4:30pm

Track-Day, USA: Noble Sells Manufacturing Rights to US Distributor

Lee Noble and his UK masterminds behind Noble Automotive announced it's awarded the rights to manufacture its M12 and M400 track-day cars to its US distributor, 1g Racing. The deal means means a cash infusion to support Noble's efforts to build the upmarket M15 and a rumored new model that will reportedly put the… »2/22/07 9:48am2/22/07 9:48am