BMW Is Announcing A Mystery Car Tomorrow (Updated)

BMW released this short, cryptic video that's 90% darkness and headlights, with one brief flash of a little bit of car. They're calling this a "sneak peek," but what do we think it's a sneak peek of, exactly? (UPDATE: It's the new 1-Series) » 1/15/15 4:47pm 1/15/15 4:47pm

The Friendliest Franken-BMW Around

We call this blippy little rasp-burble delight the "M2". It rolled off the line in Munich as a 2002 tii in 1974 but a lot has changed since then; the Berlin Wall fell, the Soviet Union collapsed, and this 2002 only got better. » 8/28/13 10:36am 8/28/13 10:36am

BMW registers "BMW M2" trademark

As BMW continues to squeeze more cars into the numbers 1-7, rumors are that BMW will move the next generation 1-series up to the 2-series name. At the very least, BMW's registering the BMW M2 trademark. » 5/31/11 11:15am 5/31/11 11:15am

Brilliance Auto "Seeking Development With Mutual Benefit and Win-Win"

Chinese automaker Brilliance came to the Detroit Auto Show to showcase their M1 and M2 sedans, M3 sport coupe and the FRV hatchback. They failed. However, they succeeded at showcasing an impressive display of engrish. » 1/13/09 8:00am 1/13/09 8:00am