Here it Is: Noble Releases Pics of Upcoming M15

The supercar builders at Noble released pictures and info on its new M15, the car that replaced the M14 it didn't build. Confused yet? Don't be. The M15 is everything the M14 was and more, with a 455-bhp version (455 ft.-lbs of torque) of the midship-mounted 3.0-liter Ford Duratec engine that's powered Nobles since… » 4/04/06 9:07am 4/04/06 9:07am

Noble to Release All-New Supercar in April

Sad news for fans of the upcoming Noble M14 (pictured) surfaced this week. It appears the company won't be building the new, low-slung supercar it showed in concept form last year. Psych! It's cutting the M14 and skipping right along to the M15, a car reportely with a similar shape, but new underpinnings and a rumored… » 3/03/06 8:07am 3/03/06 8:07am