Who's Faster — Tiff Needell In A TVR Or Tiff Needell In A Z3 M Roadster?

Welcome to Sunday Matinee, where we highlight classic car reviews or other longer videos I find on YouTube. Kick back and enjoy this blast from the past. » 1/20/13 5:00pm 1/20/13 5:00pm

BMW 1 Series M Coupe: A 340 HP Autobahn Blitzkrieg

The BMW 135i was supposed to be the shorter wheelbase mini-M3 we'd wanted since the E30. It wasn't. But the 340 hp 1 Series M Coupe's a step in the right direction. BMW unwrapped it for us early. » 1/10/11 8:30am 1/10/11 8:30am

BMW 1 Series M Coupe: Hot Things Come In Small Packages

After an eternity of strip teases, BMW's 1 Series M Coupe finally gives us the money shot. Hopefully, the manual-only mighty mini will bring us the horsepower we desire. » 12/08/10 3:00pm 12/08/10 3:00pm

The Bulgarian Teen Who Built His Own BMW Racer

Denislav Shishev's an 18-year-old Bulgarian who probably does more before breakfast that you do all week. In 2009 he took a wrecked BMW M Coupe and put in a 530-hp BMW V10. Now he races it professionally. » 8/19/10 3:00pm 8/19/10 3:00pm

The Jalopnik Fantasy Garage: First-Generation BMW M Coupe

The first-generation BMW M Coupe is a raw, angry sort of beast, the kind of asylum-think car we cannot help but love. It's a machine devoted solely to the art of being bonkers. Let's take a look at its credentials. » 3/26/10 3:30pm 3/26/10 3:30pm

BMW M Power Compilation Video Gets Our Hearts Racing

Now this is great automotive advertising from the boys at BMW Motorsport. If this doesn't get your heart racing, then we're not sure what the hell will. » 1/17/09 11:00am 1/17/09 11:00am

Know Thy Germans: Glas 2600 V8; AKA The Glaserati!

First of all, the actual name of the company isn't Glas; it is, "Andreas Glas, Reperaturwerkst tte f r landwirtschaftliche Maschinen mit Dampfbetrieb." In English that means, "Andreas Glas, repair garage for agricultural machines supported with steam engine." Which is so old-school it kinda hurts. Second, in 1966 BMW… » 12/20/06 5:00am 12/20/06 5:00am

AC Schnitzer's New BMW Coupe, Roadster

AC Schnitzer, as part of its press prep for Germany's Essen show, revealed a new tuning package for the BMW M Roadster and Coupe. The Z4Ms have been accessorizied to within an inch of their lives, with compatible kitting that include carbon aerodynamic add-ons, a 3.91 : 1 axle ratio (compared to the standard 3.62 :… » 11/24/06 9:59am 11/24/06 9:59am

BMW Prices Z4 and M Coupes; to Debut in NYC

It's been a mere half-year since BMW introduced its new Z4 Coupe as a "concept" at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and now the Z and its M-powered sibling will be making their North American debut at the New York auto show next week (represent!). Now that's what we call managing expectations: tease, tease, fulfill. The… » 4/07/06 12:38pm 4/07/06 12:38pm

BMW Introduces Racing Coupe

Coinciding with the launch of its new Z4M Coupe in Geneva this week, BMW announced it would offer a new racing package based on the coupe and designed for the German Endurance Championship. The Z4M Motor Racing Kit, which features the typical 3.2-liter Bimmer inline six, upclocked to 400hp, will be available by… » 3/03/06 11:44am 3/03/06 11:44am

BMW Releases Info on Production Z4 Coupe, M Version

Watch out Mr. P. Cayman, BMW's new Z4 M Coupe could make things verrry interesting for you next year. The boys from Bavaria released new info on the new Z4 coup-ay and its M-powered sibling, which are planned for release later this year. The Z4 Coupe 3.0si gets BMW's 3.0-liter six, producing 265 hp, which brings it… » 1/25/06 10:28am 1/25/06 10:28am

Spy Photos: More of the 2007 BMW M Coupe, 3-Series Coupe

It's an abbreviated posting day for us, but German Car Fans has some spy shots of the new BMW M Coupe and upcoming 3-Series coupe, including a retouched front end to remove a pesky disguise, that are worth a stray eyeball or two. We hear the M Coupe and its Z4 roadster counterpart will show up in Detroit, though the… » 1/02/06 8:29am 1/02/06 8:29am

Spy Photos: 2007 BMW M Coupe

New BMW-focused blog The Bavarian Falcoln points us to some new shots of the upcoming BMW Z4M coupe in German buff book Auto Motor und Sport. It's practically disguise free, and in the wild (on a German street) not confined to the N rburgring. TBF points out the test car's quad pipes, drilled front brake rotors, and… » 12/08/05 7:25am 12/08/05 7:25am

Spy Photos: BMW Z4 Coupe, Production Model

MPH posted some spy shots of a nearly undisguised BMW Z4 Coupe in its production-model guise. The obvious OCD sufferers point out that the rear bumper is short one character line from that of the concept shown recently in Frankfurt, and that the car has a radio antenna affixed — a dead giveaway. There's one more… » 10/27/05 11:49am 10/27/05 11:49am

Spy Photos: BMW Z4 Coupe on the 'Ring

The 'heads at Pistonheads procured some shots of BMW's production model Z4 Coupe as it was being track-tested on Germany's famed N rburgring. Since the concept version's Frankfurt unveiling, BMW is much less concerned with disguising the coupe, other than the inadvertent obfuscation caused by fitting it with a bunch… » 9/26/05 2:57pm 9/26/05 2:57pm

Spy Photos: 2007 BMW Z4 Coupe, Production Model

It's only a week since BMW boss Helmut Panke unveiled the new Z4 Coupe concept at the Frankfurt motor show, and German Car Fans has already procured spy shots of the production model. As you may recall, Panke announced the new M-Coupe would most definitely go into rotation at some point, but failed to offer a hint of… » 9/20/05 7:23am 9/20/05 7:23am

Frankfurt Premiere: BMW Z4 Coupe, Official Photos

Another coup-ay getting lots of the attention in Frankfurt is BMW's resurrection of the M-Coupe, this time in the form of the two-seater Z4 Coupe, which recalls the company's X-Coupe concept of 2001, with three-fourths less Bangle. It still has more surfaces than a Dungeons and Drageons die, but at least BMW… » 9/12/05 11:31am 9/12/05 11:31am

New BMW M-Coupe Concept to Debut in Frankfurt

Confirming a long-standing rumor (voted the second most plausable of the year among Jalopnik readers), BMW will build a new coupe based on its Z4 roadster, beginning with a concept vehicle to appear at the Frankfurt motor show in September. The last version of the M-Coupe, the Z3-based version that expired in 2002,… » 8/23/05 8:00am 8/23/05 8:00am