Know Thy Germans: Glas 2600 V8; AKA The Glaserati!

First of all, the actual name of the company isn't Glas; it is, "Andreas Glas, Reperaturwerkst tte f r landwirtschaftliche Maschinen mit Dampfbetrieb." In English that means, "Andreas Glas, repair garage for agricultural machines supported with steam engine." Which is so old-school it kinda hurts. Second, in 1966 BMW… » 12/20/06 5:00am 12/20/06 5:00am

BMW Prices Z4 and M Coupes; to Debut in NYC

It's been a mere half-year since BMW introduced its new Z4 Coupe as a "concept" at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and now the Z and its M-powered sibling will be making their North American debut at the New York auto show next week (represent!). Now that's what we call managing expectations: tease, tease, fulfill. The… » 4/07/06 12:38pm 4/07/06 12:38pm

BMW Releases Info on Production Z4 Coupe, M Version

Watch out Mr. P. Cayman, BMW's new Z4 M Coupe could make things verrry interesting for you next year. The boys from Bavaria released new info on the new Z4 coup-ay and its M-powered sibling, which are planned for release later this year. The Z4 Coupe 3.0si gets BMW's 3.0-liter six, producing 265 hp, which brings it… » 1/25/06 10:28am 1/25/06 10:28am

Spy Photos: More of the 2007 BMW M Coupe, 3-Series Coupe

It's an abbreviated posting day for us, but German Car Fans has some spy shots of the new BMW M Coupe and upcoming 3-Series coupe, including a retouched front end to remove a pesky disguise, that are worth a stray eyeball or two. We hear the M Coupe and its Z4 roadster counterpart will show up in Detroit, though the… » 1/02/06 8:29am 1/02/06 8:29am

Spy Photos: BMW Z4 Coupe, Production Model

MPH posted some spy shots of a nearly undisguised BMW Z4 Coupe in its production-model guise. The obvious OCD sufferers point out that the rear bumper is short one character line from that of the concept shown recently in Frankfurt, and that the car has a radio antenna affixed — a dead giveaway. There's one more… » 10/27/05 11:49am 10/27/05 11:49am