Know Thy Germans: Glas 2600 V8; AKA The Glaserati!

First of all, the actual name of the company isn't Glas; it is, "Andreas Glas, Reperaturwerkst tte f r landwirtschaftliche Maschinen mit Dampfbetrieb." In English that means, "Andreas Glas, repair garage for agricultural machines supported with steam engine." Which is so old-school it kinda hurts. Second, in 1966 BMW… »12/20/06 5:00am12/20/06 5:00am

Spy Photos: More of the 2007 BMW M Coupe, 3-Series Coupe

It's an abbreviated posting day for us, but German Car Fans has some spy shots of the new BMW M Coupe and upcoming 3-Series coupe, including a retouched front end to remove a pesky disguise, that are worth a stray eyeball or two. We hear the M Coupe and its Z4 roadster counterpart will show up in Detroit, though the… »1/02/06 8:29am1/02/06 8:29am