Cadillac's Problem Isn't The Germans, It's The Koreans 

It's no secret that Cadillac, the self proclaimed "standard of the world," is struggling right now as a luxury automaker. Cadillac CEO Johan de Nysschen said it will cost $12 billion to turn the brand around in order to face the Germans, but are they going after the wrong targets? » 3/31/15 1:15pm Yesterday 1:15pm

This African President Allegedly Spent $18 Million On Cars In One Day

As far as African leaders go, Gabon's ruling Bongo family aren't terrible. They're not murderous genocidal maniacs. They're just corrupt and have maybe 1,000 luxury cars, many of which are allegedly never even driven. » 12/28/14 10:06am 12/28/14 10:06am

Maybe You Shouldn’t Buy A Used Luxury Car For the Price of a Kia

It happens every time I hang out with my car enthusiast friends: We're sitting there, chatting about cars, and eventually the discussion turns to the fact that you can buy a wide range of iconic used performance cars for approximately the same price as laundry detergent. » 11/04/14 3:10pm 11/04/14 3:10pm

What's The Stealthiest Luxury Or Supercar You Can Buy?

Look, Lamborghinis and the like are really great for a weekend or two, but sometimes you don't want to drive around in a LOOK AT ME!! mobile. » 10/29/14 11:30am 10/29/14 11:30am

Guess What? Cheap Cars Don't Hurt Luxury Brands

I still remember when the original Mercedes A-Class came out and changed the world as we know it. The year was 1997 – and while I may have been just nine years old, I consumed automotive media back then at approximately the same rate as I consumed fruit roll-ups. » 6/17/14 3:25pm 6/17/14 3:25pm

American Luxury Is Becoming Extinct

Fiat Chrysler declared on Tuesday that the Chrysler brand would no longer go after premium customers, leaving Alfa Romeo and Maserati to carry the load. On one hand, it's a smart business move for clear brand identity. On the other, it's the disappearance of another Detroit luxury brand. » 5/08/14 7:30pm 5/08/14 7:30pm

This Saggy Ass Chrysler New Yorker Is The Symbol Of Platform Luxury

You know how Mercedes is currently making fat bank selling the front-drive, platform-optimized low cost luxury CLA? Chrysler has been at that game, and here's what it looks like a couple decades later: a saggy-ass New Yorker K Car. » 3/24/14 5:20pm 3/24/14 5:20pm

What's The Most Ridiculous Luxury Car Feature?

It used to be that the luxury car wheat was separated from the regular car chaff by its construction — the finest materials, handmade bodies, and polished precision parts under that custom skin. But that era ended years ago, so now we have gizmos. » 3/24/14 11:35am 3/24/14 11:35am

Massive International Luxury Carjacking Ring Busted in New Jersey

Dozens of people were arrested today for operating an international crime ring that stole luxury SUVs in New York and New Jersey, many in carjackings, then resold them in West Africa. » 2/28/14 9:23am 2/28/14 9:23am

The Impreza Casa Blanca Was The Ultimate In Rally-Going Elegance

Forget it, Rolls-Royce. Go play in traffic, Bentley. Get over yourself, Mercedes-Benz. Anyone who knows anything about real vehicular elegance knows that the Impreza Casa Blanca is the only way to go. » 1/08/14 12:45pm 1/08/14 12:45pm

Mercedes Is America's Favorite Luxury Brand... For Car Thieves

Mercedes-Benz is on top of the luxury car heap in America, but not for the reasons M-B bosses want. They're the most stolen luxury cars in the country. » 7/30/13 1:10pm 7/30/13 1:10pm

Why You Should Make Your $1 Million Car Look Like Crap

When it comes to high-end luxury cars, one of the biggest factors in why people buy insanely expensive cars is the exclusivity. Incredibly, there's still places where having a Rolls-Royce Ghost won't get you noticed in a parking lot, which is why we see things like absurd chrome wraps and animal prints on… » 7/02/13 12:29pm 7/02/13 12:29pm

Every Luxury Car Brand Identity, Defined

With so many luxury car brands out there, it's hard to know which one stands for what. Here's a simple breakdown of every brand identity in the luxury car game. » 6/27/13 5:00pm 6/27/13 5:00pm

The Ten Most Comfortable Cars You Can Buy

There's nothing more comfortable than piling into a rolling barcalounger on wheels and letting the world pass by your window at 70 miles an hour. Jalopnik readers know the most comfortable cars of all, fit for your smooth sailing fantasies. » 5/06/13 11:04am 5/06/13 11:04am

The Most Opulent Luxury Cars Of All Time

With the Shanghai Auto Show in full swing and China's ever-growing middle and upper classes moving to the forefront, the concept of "luxury" is ruling the day. The thing is, the definition of luxury varies from person to person. Is it classic styling? A smooth ride? A powerful engine? Neat features? Or all of these… » 4/21/13 2:40pm 4/21/13 2:40pm

Bentley's Mulsanne Convertible Is The World's Most Elegant Drop-Top

Or so says Bentley. After teasing its rich customers with a hard-topped Mulsanne offering since 2009, it's finally on its way: the Mulsanne convertible. Although still a concept, it really is a thing of beauty, with "muscular haunches," and an interior Bentley says was inspired by luxurious, high-performance power… » 8/20/12 9:30am 8/20/12 9:30am

These Are The Insanely Expensive Cars That GWU Students Drive

Students at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. don't just complain about easy grades, they also drive cars so nice you'd think their campus was the parking lot of the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. In the photo composite above is about $1.2 million worth of automobiles allegedly belonging to college… » 2/21/12 3:00pm 2/21/12 3:00pm

Man who set fire to 100 cars was just jealous

It turns out the guy setting fire to hundreds of cars in Berlin wasn't a pyromaniac Guy Fawkes but instead a 27-year-old man bummed about not having a job or nice things. Hey, still sounds like he's part of the "Neun und Neunzig Prozent" though, right? » 10/24/11 3:00pm 10/24/11 3:00pm

The 11-year reign of Lexus as luxury car sales champ ends this year

The long reign of Lexus atop the U.S. luxury car sales chart is set to come to an end this year, thanks to an aging lineup and production disruptions caused by the March 11th earthquake in Japan. » 4/18/11 1:15pm 4/18/11 1:15pm