Geneva Showcase: EDAG LUV

Egad! Ok, that's the last time we use that joke in a post about German engineering and design firm EDAG, and only because it was a request. But the Mercedes GL-based LUV the company's devised is no laughing matter. It takes itself very seriously, what with Brabus-tuned motor and more teak than in a thousand… » 3/07/07 4:43pm 3/07/07 4:43pm

EDAG Strikes Again: The LUV Land Yacht Concept

German engineering and design firm EDAG says it's come up with a modular approach to building niche vehicle derivatives. That means we may be seeing more coachbuilding products from the boys and girls of Fulda. To showcase what it can do, the company's worked up a show car it's calling LUV, a luxury-tweaked Honda… » 3/01/07 6:32am 3/01/07 6:32am

LUV That Pickup: Edag Prepares Truckish Concept for Geneva

We're plumb tuckered with Egad/Edag wordplay, so this one comes to you from our serious place. German design and engineering house Edag plans to show off a new concept truck at the Geneva show, dubbed LUV. But this concept is no Isuzu-built compact Chevrolet pickup from the 1970s; it's a maritime-themed hauler with a… » 1/24/07 12:05pm 1/24/07 12:05pm

As If You Hadn't Seen It: Hyundai Reveals Veracruz Crossover

Hyundai's released more shots of its Veracruz LUV (for those playing along at home, that's a CUV with leather seats). All pwning aside, the Veracruz looks like a contender in the luxury realm, with headlight washers, LED taillights, and park-assist system. Watchers expect Hyundai's 3.8-liter V6 to be offered along with … » 10/16/06 9:32am 10/16/06 9:32am