Crazy Croatians Build Twin-VR6 Engined Quasi-W12 AWD VW Lupo

A couple of insane Croatians built a twin-VR6 powered, quasi-W12 AWD Volkswagen Lupo for what we can only guess is meant for a version of Rendezvous shot in the streets of Zagreb. » 2/25/09 2:00pm 2/25/09 2:00pm

A Backpack for Cars

Dreaming of camping expeditions and weekends antiquing with your svelte new beauty but worried about her ability to lug large loads? Fret not Lilliputian car loving friend, your relationship is safe with the aid of an Auto Rucksack. Rear mounting as opposed to the traditional top; the bag won't affect fuel economy nor… » 7/11/07 3:59pm 7/11/07 3:59pm

VW Loopy Over Lupo In 2011?

Yeah, we don't know German so much, so there's not much more we can tell you other than that AutoBild's got what they're claiming is a rendering of a new version of the V-Dub Lupo. The Lupo's the two-door "city car" killed by the automaker representing Deutschland back in 2005 in favor of the VW Fox. AutoBild's… » 3/15/07 7:45am 3/15/07 7:45am

Wii Controller Goes "Whee!": Snapping Strap Breaks Car Window At German…

We've no idea if this is true, but it was too funny not to at least mention. Also, it serves as a helpful reminder folks — be careful when you're playing with your Wii, you might damage a VW Lupo. Here's the post from Fun Tech Talk: » 3/14/07 10:01am 3/14/07 10:01am

What do we think — did it really happen?