Maserati Lamp Is Almost Like Owning The Real Thing

Don't have the $100,000-plus to pony up for a new Maserati? Don't worry, friends, there are other options out there. Take this Maserati Lamp, for example. Designed and produced by Lumina, this ode to Italian design is available in a standing or tabletop version. It takes a cue from the automaker by including the… » 5/02/08 4:40pm 5/02/08 4:40pm

2009 Chevrolet Impala SS, or Not: Emerging Market Muscle?

Michigan plates, rear-wheel drive, 6.2-liter LS3 V8 under the hood — one would hope — and double esses across its hind quarters. We'd be tempted to think it's Chevrolet's version of the Pontiac G8 and Holden VE Commodore. But soon-to-be car site Motive — partially constructed by one who brought you the sadly defunct … » 7/13/07 3:07pm 7/13/07 3:07pm

Lumina SS Spotted In Metro Detroit: Big Whoop

Kodak's Lumiere slide film always made us think of the Chevrolet Lumina, even though it referenced French filmmaking brothers, rather than crappy-ass midsize GM cars of the Dark Times. But for some reason, GM has persisted in using the Lumina name in foreign markets. Why? We have no goddamn idea, but at least in… » 8/25/06 6:00pm 8/25/06 6:00pm