America's First Successful UAV Engine Was Secretly Built In A Racing Legend's Garage

Hans Herrmann is, of course, Lucky Hans, the racing legend who, among many other things, won LeMans in 1970. I've spoken with this man in my house, even watched him play Forza for the first time. His grandson plays with my son. And yet I had no idea of his role in the development of the unmanned aerial drone. »12/03/12 3:00pm12/03/12 3:00pm


Motorsports Legend Explains How He Lost The 24-Hour Of Le Mans By One Second

Sometimes having a kid brings unexpected benefits. In this case, my two-year old, Otto (known for his Porsche-hood-standing skills) is friends with another two year old, Lino, whose mom is a friend of my wife, and who is married to a man whose father happens to be 1970 LeMans winner and all around racing legend Hans… »11/07/12 12:20pm11/07/12 12:20pm