2011 Buick Lucerne With Rear-Wheel Drive Is Not Dead Yet

Automakers are gnashing their teeth over how to deal with the second malaise era looming over us like an 800 lb gorilla with a stolen banana. The General's combatting the murky fog by playing switcheroo with some of its product plans — specifically plans for rear-wheel drive. Originally, the 2011 Buick Lucerne was to… » 6/04/08 10:40am 6/04/08 10:40am

GM To Idle Hamtramck Assembly Due To American Axle Strike

Reuters is reporting General Motors will be idling its Hamtramck Assembly plant on Monday as a result of the ongoing strike at American Axle. The Detroit area plant currently builds the Cadillac DTS and Buick Lucerne and joins 30 other plants affected by the parts shortages. Though shuttering plants is never good… » 3/28/08 11:30am 3/28/08 11:30am

2008 Buick Lucerne Super Is 2007 CXS with 17 More Horses And Priced At…

When Buick's latest version of its big Lucerne sedan hits dealerships in April, it will no longer be called CXS but instead "Super," following in the footsteps of little brother LaCrosse, which received a similar designation last year. According to GM, the Lucerne Super will be priced just south of $40K. The main… » 2/04/08 2:00pm 2/04/08 2:00pm

Report: China Remakes Buick In Buick's Own Image

It's no secret China has become the most compelling reason to keep a candle burning for the Buick brand. The superpower-in-training is now Buick's top market, evidenced by the Rivera concept that debuted at the Shanghai auto show earlier this year. Now, Automotive News reports China's influence may feed back into the… » 7/30/07 8:31am 7/30/07 8:31am

New York Auto Show Preview: Buick Reintroduces "Super" Designation,…

For 2008, the brand that even the General's vice-chairman wonders whether they got to in time, is going retro. The company's reintroducing the "Super" designation from the early 1950s. "Super," not to be confused with its hetero-life-mate, "Duper" was the umm...actually we're not sure what it used to be...as near as… » 3/27/07 12:45pm 3/27/07 12:45pm

A Very Special Buick: GM's Oldster Division Looks to Yesteryear for a…

While Mr. Wert attends some manner of press event at the Buick Home for the Aged, the Detroit News maps the crossroads at which the GM brand finds itself. How will the Buick brass navigate the "damaged" brand (said Bob Lutz) to a more prosperous future? One way is by resurrecting the "Super" tag that once denoted… » 3/21/07 11:27am 3/21/07 11:27am

Broken: Buick Just Sold More Cars in China than in the United States of…

The old man used to go on and on about the glory of Grandpa Loverman's 1953 Buick Roadmaster. It was beautifully styled, possessed a powerful straight-eight, had advanced features like... wait for it... power door-locks! Best of all, it was called the frickin' Roadmaster! Car names don't get better than that.… » 12/20/06 5:45pm 12/20/06 5:45pm

LA Auto Show: Buick Lucerne Chop Job

While the sliced right down the middle Ford GT at SEMA a while back was certainly interesting, the braintrust at Buick evidently has super sawing ability. Buick sliced up this Lucerne into six parts and encased it in plexiglass to give potential buyers an inside look into all the swell features of this fine and… » 12/01/06 2:52pm 12/01/06 2:52pm

Pimp My Lucerne: Buick Bringing Trick Sedans to SEMA

Buick is so gangstah it doesn't even know how gangstah it is. Or does it? According to hip-hop digest Brand Week, Buick is having 11 Lucerne models customized by various manner of street mod shops, with a plan to unveil the cars at the SEMA show in Las Vegas later this month. Urban car culture juggernaut DUB has… » 10/05/06 12:50pm 10/05/06 12:50pm

Mehta Says Meh: The Truth About the Buick Lucerne CXS

Honestly, while we were at this year's North American International Auto Show, we would see Lucernes as part of GM's hospitality fleet while out catching frostbite and giving ourselves cancer (stupid cigarettes) and mostly just thought, "Wow, what a Passat-like rump." And then, while up in Sacto for Easter, again… » 6/21/06 10:30pm 6/21/06 10:30pm

Insurance Institute Hits Them From the Side; Resulting Headlines Top…

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety apparently likes it like we do — releasing the results over the weekend of the 2006 side impact crashworthiness (we didn't even make that word up!) tests, and now we're treated to 75 articles in papers across the country all saying "Study: Side Air Bags Improve Safety." Well… » 6/19/06 12:37pm 6/19/06 12:37pm

DUB Pimps a Buick

Old-school suckers to the side! It appears DUB magazine thinks the Buick Lucerne could be the next Chrysler 300C, considering they've applied the time-honored DUBification process to one of Buick's new ships. The DUB edition Lucerne has the typical black paint, 20-something" rims and an AV setup that'd make a… » 4/10/06 8:15am 4/10/06 8:15am

Buick Lucerne to Get Major Ad Push

Buick's newest hopeful, the Lucerne — the Swissified replacement for the Le Sabre — will suck up 20% of the GM brand's first-quarter ad budget for 2006, or $9 million, according to AutoWeek. It'll even get an endorsement from Tiger Woods (don't be so impressed, they're paying him). The company is going heavy in an… » 11/18/05 7:45am 11/18/05 7:45am