1984 Ford LTD: The Family Car Bob Bondurant Likes To Hoon

The Fox-based '84 Ford LTD really did »10/28/08 3:00pm10/28/08 3:00pm handle pretty well… if you checked the boxes for all the suspension options that came on the cop version when you bought one, that is, and for some reason that bit of info doesn't get much play in this ad. This ad would have been far more entertaining had Mr. Bondurant taken the…

Google Street View Dishes Up Another Fascinating Slice-O-Life

Now, we can't say for sure what sort of transaction was captured on film by the Google Street View photography vehicle; perhaps the Illinois gentleman with the roll of bills is negotiating for the purchase of an 80s Ford LTD. Whatever it is, we're seeing free enterprise in glorious effect here. Take that, Commies!… »3/25/08 10:00am3/25/08 10:00am