2 Audi Employees Crash While Hooning New A8

Chicago Jalops may recognize this as the northernmost point of Lake Shore Drive's outer highway, where LSD meets Sheridan Road and Broadway. It's about two blocks from my house, and the sweeping curve that leads to this intersection (pictured below) is right next to the park where a theatre production I'm in (… » 7/26/13 4:27pm 7/26/13 4:27pm

Dog fed LSD by nude couple survives car crash

While arresting a naked couple spotted running nude on the side of the road, Georgia police were startled when the couple revealed they had given LSD to "Oscar." It turns out Oscar is a Dachshund hit by a car. Thankfully, he survived. » 11/01/11 4:00pm 11/01/11 4:00pm

The Origin Of Lambo Doors

Now installed on everything from European superminis to SEMA tuners, the Lambo-style scissor doors were first featured on Marcello Gandini’s gorgeous 1968 Bertone Carabo concept. » 8/10/10 2:00pm 8/10/10 2:00pm

Fairlane-Driving Cops Take No Guff From Gibberish-Ass Hippie Dope Fiends

What kind of car would a couple of no-nonsense plainclothes Los Angeles cops drive in 1967? Forget those big lumbering full-size sedans! Joe Friday and Bill Gannon insisted on a snappy-looking '67 Fairlane. » 3/28/09 5:30pm 3/28/09 5:30pm


Carbonetic is an offshoot of Across, which produces carbon-carbon composites using a patented method. The translation is that since they can make nearly anything out of carbon-carbon, they can also produce a series of clutches, limited slip differentials, and brake pads using the same stuff. What impressed us the most… » 11/01/07 2:45pm 11/01/07 2:45pm

Now Serving Popcorn, Candy, and Purple Microdots At The Drive-In!

Sadly, the drive-in movie theater has all but disappeared from the American landscape (though Joe Bob Briggs is still going strong). I was fortunate enough to work at the ticket booth at Alameda's Island Auto Movie during its final year, and I became quite a fan of our snack-bar ads during intermission. However,… » 10/26/07 2:00pm 10/26/07 2:00pm

Like, Wow: LSD Builds a Scissor-Door Civic

The folks at LSD (Lambo Style Doors) just keep on pushing their junk on unsuspecting kids. This time it's cooked up a scissorfied Honda Civic. I think something in our head just popped. » 4/11/06 12:30pm 4/11/06 12:30pm

Pass the LSD: Mitsubishi to Show One-Off Colt at Essen

We've been working on a screenplay for a film, tentatively titled "Edward Scissordoors." In it, a lonely car with scissors where its doors should be charms neighborhood housewives by carving shrunken-apple heads in the likeness of minor celebrities, inadvertently drawing the envious wrath of the women's… » 11/25/05 7:37am 11/25/05 7:37am

Aftermarket Scissor Doors for Audi TT Pass Crash Test

Good news for fans of Mattig's aftermarket tweak-out of the Audi TT roadster, which includes the installation of LSD (that's Lamborghini- style) doors. German industrial-safety consulting firm, DEKRA confirmed that while blatantly cliche, the doors offer adaquate protection if t-boned (ok, the first finding is our… » 8/18/05 1:30pm 8/18/05 1:30pm