Lexus owner stacks wine glasses on hood in attempt to replicate LS400 commercial

One Arizona Lexus owner named Jeff decided to try and replicate the 1989 Lexus LS400 advertisement shown here on his LS460 in the video up above. Comparing these two videos is a nitpicker's dream, so instead of trying to cover all the bases, we are simply going to suggest Jeff wear more appropriate footwear next… » 3/20/11 10:00am 3/20/11 10:00am

Technotized for Your Protection: CNet Gives Perfect Rating to Lexus LS460

Is gliding along wrapped in $5 billion worth of sensory-deprivation equipment the new driving? It may be, if a perfect 10 from tech-drunk editorial staff at CNet is your barometer. That's the score they gave the Lexus LS, a techno barge that assumes road feel is an enemy of the state. Sure, the new LS is as jacked-in… » 12/13/06 9:32am 12/13/06 9:32am

Automobile Mag Tries To Park The Self-Parking And Ford-Hating Lexus LS460

The boys over at Automobile put together a funny little vid on one way to do a review of the new "self-parking" feature from the Lexus LS460. Basically the three (plus one man-behind-the-cam) auto journos decided that just parking the car on your own's easier than trying to play with the self-park system. Also, they… » 12/05/06 8:31am 12/05/06 8:31am

Ad Watch: The Lexus LS460 'Virtually' Parks Itself

Although we've yet to try the new Lexus out, ToMoCo's luxe brand's been getting a lot of buzz in TV's pundit-land, as well as among the great unwashed masses — but despite the glowing marketing, we've heard that the system is by no means perfect. Although, as the above commercial shows, the Lexus LS460 does seem to… » 11/20/06 11:47am 11/20/06 11:47am

Parking! CNBC's Phil LeBeau Lets Lexus LS 460 Park Itself

Phil LeBeau decided this past week he'd take his life out of his own hands, and leave the parking to Lexus. The CNBC correspondent showed off the latest in "parking assistance technology" on the LS 460 and although not death-defying, it wasn't exactly what you'd call amazing. It looks like the technology backs your… » 9/25/06 8:45am 9/25/06 8:45am

Lexus' Sedans in Aspen: New LS Shown at Ideas Festival

Secret Jalopnik agent XK120 infiltrated the Aspen Ideas Festival, where he had an epiphany to take pics of the Lexus LS 460 and 460 L(ong-ass wheelbase) models on display. Lexus, one of the event's sponsors, was also offering rides in its slingshot-y GS450h sedan and RX hybrid to the thought leaders (and the… » 7/10/06 3:00pm 7/10/06 3:00pm