Top Gear Builds Corvette Engine-Powered Blender

In last night's episode of Top Gear » 11/17/08 1:30pm 11/17/08 1:30pm, Jeremy Clarkson put the show's engineering talents to work on building an answer to a question we never knew we had; Can you build a blender out of a 6.2-liter LS3 V8 Corvette engine? The answer, as you can see in the video below the jump, is yes. It's simply astonishing to watch a…

LS3 Goes Down Under: HSV To Build Higher Horsepower Hooning Machines

It's not even Australia Day, but we're hearing GM's giving their high-performance team down under a gift of power. Holden's Special Vehicles team announced last night they'll be fitting the US-built LS3 engine across their range of E-Series and WM Grange vehicles. That's the same engine found in the base model of the… » 3/26/08 7:45am 3/26/08 7:45am

Yeeha!! 2008 Corvette Gets Big Boosts of Both Power and Torque

Remember the spy shots of the LS3 engine we showed you the other day? Turns out that it was in fact the aluminum, variable valve timed 6.2-liter unit out of the Escalade, although heavily tweaked to the tune of 430 hp and 424 lbs. ft. of torque (up from 400-flat for both). Basically, Chevy slapped on LS7-ish heads… » 4/27/07 9:50am 4/27/07 9:50am

Spy Photos: The 2008 Corvette...Now With LS3!

Just because the new Corvette LS3's not expected to be unveiled until Saturday, doesn't mean you don't deserve to see it early. Luckily some shots have already snuck out of Bowling Green of what looks to be the new engine for the 2008 big bad-ass from the bargain brand at the General. A poster over at DigitalCorvettes » 4/24/07 10:01am 4/24/07 10:01am

Over the Back Fence: New Engine for the 2008 Corvette

With all the talk of the "Blue Devil," "Stingray," "LS9," or otherwise designated hyper Corvette reportedly coming in 2009, there's been little talk about improvements to the base model. Not quite. Frequent source of 'Vette secrets, CorvetteConti.com, apparently dished on the 2008 model. Aside from some new interior… » 1/03/07 7:12am 1/03/07 7:12am