Hot Rod of dreams: Small Block Chevy swapped Mercedes W123 Wagon.

This Mercedes was just featured on BaT and is currently for sale on ebay for 12 grand. While I think the price is way too high for a car with tacky wheels, ugly bumpers and a 4 speed slushbox, the idea is as awesome as it gets. » 1/19/14 8:32am 1/19/14 8:32am

Which Car Is Growing On You?

We all remember the Pontiac Aztek, our generation's Edsel. A car so bad, Pontiac even managed to spell the name wrong. Design-wise, the worst element (besides the gas-cap wound) was all that damn cladding. But then, after Pontiac only sold four cars in 18 months (or whatever), GM did the unthinkable – they restyled the … » 6/14/07 11:30am 6/14/07 11:30am

Deal of the Day: Still the Lincoln LS, Town Car Too

The negotiations continue. We say we're not interested in buying a Lincoln LS at MSRP, and FoMoCo knocks off grand after grand like Dom Deluise knocks off pasta Bolognese. Now, the floor-clearing rebate on the outgoing model's up to $9,000, and we're considering whether we really need to continue paying the rent when… » 7/18/06 2:00pm 7/18/06 2:00pm