Fastest Lamborghini Ever, Edo Competition Sets Record in Murcielago

Take one carefully tuned Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640, an eight-mile oval, and a bunch of speed freaks propelled by destiny (and not a few shots of espresso) and you get the highest official speed for a Lamborghini, Ever. This fast lambo was able to propel itself to 214.8 mph with only the addition of high… »12/03/07 9:15am12/03/07 9:15am


The Baddest Bull: Lamborghini Miura Vs Countach Vs Murcielago LP640

I've been dreading this week for months. I knew that sooner or later I would have run a Lambo for entrance into the Fantasy Garage and how on earth do you pick which one? True, we already ran the LM002 flag up the Fantasy pole, but the Lamborghini's SUV is the Oscar Acosta of the Fantasy Garage, a high-powered… »9/12/07 11:00am9/12/07 11:00am

Is This The Born-From-Jets LP640-Based Lamborghini Concept Car For Frankfurt?

We've already been wondering what the scoop is on the supposed $1 million-plus LP640-based concept car we'll be seeing here at the Frankfurt Auto Show from the Italian stallions over at Lamborghini. We knew it was going to be "based on a jet fighter" and born from jets like both Saab and Bob Lutz, so it stands to… »9/10/07 2:30pm9/10/07 2:30pm

It's Completely Mad: Clarkson on the Lamborghini LP640

That Jeremy Clarkson writes about cars by writing about other cars is about as predictable as an iron-gray sky and slight drizzle over Leeds. But even ol' Jezzah must have broken the soft-launch threshold in his latest Times piece. He doesn't mention the subject Lamborghini LP640 by name before word 786. And then, he… »3/12/07 1:45pm3/12/07 1:45pm

Dunna-Nunna-Nunna-Nunna Lambo! LP640 In Next Batman Film

The Lamborghini Murcielago was named for a bull named for a bat. Bruce Wayne, well, he dresses in a bat-themed costume and calls himself "The Bat-Man." Apparently, Lambo honcho (and dapper man) Stephan Winkelmann felt that the synergy was a fine, fine fit, noting that the company only allows its vehicles to be used… »2/28/07 1:15pm2/28/07 1:15pm

Pubil Sevis: Paukert Needs to Know What to do with a Lambo in LA

Our pal Chris Paukert over at the road that couldn't possibly run parallel to anything has a probalo. He's been offered the keys to a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 roadster. The catch is, Lambo is making the mountain come to Mohammed. Paukert's gotta be in the Greater Los Angeles area to test the thing. And being a… »12/14/06 8:15pm12/14/06 8:15pm

LA Auto Show Preview: Lamborghini LP640 Roadster

Call it headless horsepower. The flagship Lamborghini Murci lago — the 640-hp LP640 — is now sans top. The company is introducing its LP640 Roadster at the LA show this week, and we'd imagine it'll suck the oxygen out of the room with its air of menace and tricky convertible-top. Like its coupe sibling, the roadster… »11/29/06 12:19pm11/29/06 12:19pm