Tehran Mandates Dual-Fuel Cars by July 23

Iran's leadership has come down with a decree that all cars produced from July 23rd will run on either gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas. Ironically, although Iran produces approximately 574.398756 incredibly gigantic pantsfuls of oil per annum, their refining capacity is limited, leaving the nation to import 40%… » 7/06/07 4:45pm 7/06/07 4:45pm

Brits Turn to LP Gas in the Face of Fuel Costs

In the wake of soaring fuel prices in the UK, a number of Britons are having their cars refitted to run on liqufied petroleum gas, which is about half the cost of gasoline at the pump; 40p per liter vs. 90p for gasoline. While cars run less efficiently on LP, the cost per mile is still significantly reduced over… » 9/01/05 11:59am 9/01/05 11:59am