Hot Latin Nights Kicks Off Week Of Woodward Cruising With Hydraulic Hijinks

We told you we would be down at Detroit's Campus Martius last Friday night for the "Hot Latin Nights" lowrider show, and we have proof of our presence. Yeah, okay, we may have showed up a little late, but we have many important people to see about many different things. We're making up for our tardiness with pictorial… »8/11/08 3:20pm8/11/08 3:20pm

Project Car Hell, Low And Slow Edition: 1964 Impala or 1949 Mercury Trio?

Welcome to Project Car Hell, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! In our last plunge into the Lake Of Fire, we saw the Alpine A310 stomp the Matra Murena like Napoleon pulverizing the Russians in the Battle of Austerlitz, with a decisive 70-30 split in the… »7/23/08 5:20pm7/23/08 5:20pm

SEMA 2007: Lowrider Camry Project Car Hits Flickr Ahead Of SEMA

While not quite as big a project car reveal as say, Popular Hot Rodding's "Project X" car, we're fairly sure the folks at Lowrider were probably hoping to keep their project car off the radar until their big reveal of the pimped-out Camry come SEMA show-time. Who are we kidding, they totally would love the attention.… »10/27/07 12:00pm10/27/07 12:00pm

We Didn't Even Have to Use Our AK: 3-Wheel Motion With Ice Cube

Around Jalopnik parts, our blackness is undeniably questionable. We've got a few Jews, an Italian and a Mick. Oh, and an Austin now and then, who for the sake of automotive shorthand, we'll assume is vaguely British, despite his penchant for short pants. But Cube's Impala cannot be denied in this clip, and frankly,… »10/25/06 12:00am10/25/06 12:00am