Portrait Of F1 Star Lewis Hamilton Created From Hole Punch Dots

British artist and Formula One » 10/29/08 2:40pm 10/29/08 2:40pm race fan Nikki Douthwaite has taken Seurat's pointilism to a whole new level, creating an eight-by-five portrait of out of discarded hole-punch dots. Roughly 250,000 individual pieces went into the work, which Douthwaite finished just before Hamilton drives for an F1 title attempt at…

Can You Spot What's Wrong With This Picture?

Last year's winner of the Hungarian Grand Prix has been immortalized in bronze at the track's "Park of Fame." Well, at least that's what they were shooting for with this plaque, but to our knowledge, Louis Hamilton was not the winner of the 2007 race. » 8/04/08 4:00pm 8/04/08 4:00pm