Lotus Exige S Club Racer: So Hardcore I'm Amazed It Has Seats

The Lotus Elise just celebrated its 20th birthday by losing a bunch of weight. Happy birthday, Elise! But Lotus wasn’t done there. They’ve also hauled out an even more hardcore version of the Elise’s already-hardcore Exige. Meet the Exige S Club Racer. » 3/20/15 1:24pm 3/20/15 1:24pm

But What About A Lotus Exige As A Snow Car?

Sure sure, a five-liter Caprice makes an excellent snow car. But maybe that thing is a little too civilized and sane. What about a Lotus? » 11/21/14 1:00pm 11/21/14 1:00pm

Getting In And Out Of A Lotus Is A Lot Harder Than You Think

You may think we're joking when we talk about how hard it is to get in and out of small, mid-engine, two-seater sports cars with high window sills. The truth of the matter is, it really is pretty much impossible without an amputation along the way. And it's usually a head that has to come off. » 4/27/14 3:38pm 4/27/14 3:38pm

The Lotus Exige S Makes Other Sports Cars Seem Half-Assed

To me, the Lotus Exige has always been kind of like Michael Jackson in the "Bad" video. You know how other sports cars act like they're so pure and hardcore? The Exige has always been here to tell them "You ain't BAD! You ain't NOTHIN'!" » 1/07/14 4:40pm 1/07/14 4:40pm

These Are The Purist's Supercars

If you think about it, it's pretty clear that they don't make supercars for the hardcore fanatics. What the companies responsible for creating our dreamcars have in mind today are Chinese millionaires, Russian playboys, and some emission, noise and pedestrian safety regulations. Maybe some retired dentists as well. » 12/05/12 3:00pm 12/05/12 3:00pm

The Lotus Exige V6 Cup Race Car Will Be Available In The U.S.

The Exige S is yesterday's news. Lotus will launch a lighter, track-ready version at this weekend's Lotus Festival at Brands Hatch, which is occurring simultaneously with Pebble Beach and Woodward for some reason. » 8/17/12 3:00pm 8/17/12 3:00pm

A Lotus Exige That Can Tangle With A Porsche 911 GT3

It's more than sad that we won't be getting this run-out version of the Lotus Exige. Maybe it's because the company's U.S. air-bag exemption has run out, or that CEO Dany Bahar's pissed we weren't more excited about the company's new concepts. So, let's share a moment of vicarious pleasure with Chris Harris » 4/26/12 3:30pm 4/26/12 3:30pm

How Did The 'World’s Fastest Lotus' Crash Into A Freeway Wall?

The Ronin Exige, aka the self-proclaimed 'World's Fastest Lotus', is a supercharged and turbocharged 680-horsepower monster. But yesterday morning it was put into the wall of California's 101. Now the owner claims it wasn't his fault — or the car's. » 4/17/12 10:15am 4/17/12 10:15am

Meet The Most Amazing Lotus Exige In The World

It's got a two-stage fueling system comprising rocket fuel and Spaceballs-grade liquid Schwartz. It's been widened by nine inches and lightened to achieve the power-to-weight ratio of a '70s-era Formula One car. It's also got a Group B-inspired twin-charging system that produces quadruple-digit horsepower. It just… » 3/20/12 3:00pm 3/20/12 3:00pm

Lotus has lost its Frankfurting mind

Lotus just pubbed a post and video teasing what may be a facelifted 2012 Lotus Exige on its media site. The headline of the post? "The Lotus Fight: What The F...rankfurt?" It's making us continue to wonder "What The F-" as well. » 9/09/11 12:00pm 9/09/11 12:00pm

Lotus mourns death of fun with Matte Black final Exige

It's the end of an era — the last of the Lotus "comeback cars." Lotus will reveal the Exige Matte Black Final Edition – an exclusive bit for North America — at the Pebble Beach car-o-thon next week. » 8/15/11 2:30pm 8/15/11 2:30pm

Lotus Exige owner survives horrific collision with BMW

The driver of what's left of this Lotus Exige collided with the driver of the overturned BMW 330ci convertible late last night in Huntington Beach, California. Both were taken to the hospital, yet both somehow survived. » 3/25/11 12:30pm 3/25/11 12:30pm

Nothing But a Lotus Exige And a Winding Road

The last weekends of summer are fast approaching. Pictured above is one way to spend that fleeting time. Come to think of it, is there any other way to spend it? (Photo Credit: Andrew Thompson) » 8/26/10 9:00am 8/26/10 9:00am

Auto Europe: The Happiest Place On Earth

There's a dealership along Woodward, halfway between 14 and 15 Mile roads, it's called Auto Europe and among their currently-offered nameplates: Noble, Austin Healey, Mini, Jaguar, Porsche, Lotus and Ferrari. It's like a candy store for car nuts. » 8/20/10 4:30pm 8/20/10 4:30pm

This Is Why People Think Lotus Drivers Are Asshats

What's the bigger crime here? Blocking two handicapped spots and the entry path or doing it for Potbelly's and Starbucks? Florida plates are not coincidental. Shame too, nobody wants to key a Lotus Exige. Asshat. (Thanks for the tip James!) » 8/06/10 12:30pm 8/06/10 12:30pm

700HP, Turbocharged, Supercharged Wide-Body Lotus Exige. Any Questions?

Hey you, insane person, here's your car. It's a turbocharged, supercharged and intercooled Lotus Exige with a claimed 550HP 700HP (!), a wide-body kit, fully race-prepped interior and weighing 2,150 lbs. The best part? It's for sale. Updated. » 6/03/10 3:30pm 6/03/10 3:30pm

VIDEO: Fire-Engulfed Driver Jumps From Flaming Lotus Racer

A Lotus Exige piloted by EVO's Roger Green lost its brakes and bursts into flames at this weekend's 24 Hours of Nurburgring. Green was forced to crash into a wall and jump out while the car was still rolling. » 5/17/10 3:30pm 5/17/10 3:30pm

One-Off Lotus Elise Superlight Is Awesome

There are lunatic experimental builds and then there's this — a chopped-up, caged, Lotus Elise Superlight that's more race car than road car. But hey, it's got plates, and they're appropriate because you can't pronounce "XPRMTL" without saying "mental." » 12/04/09 2:00pm 12/04/09 2:00pm

Google Street View Drives Lotus Test Track

Sure, you won't get the visceral sensation of tossing a Lotus Exige into a corner, but "driving" the Lotus test track in Hethel, UK on Google Street View is better than nothing. Plenty of fun machinery on the track, too. » 12/02/09 11:00am 12/02/09 11:00am