Stark Automotive Lotus Elise R Powered By VTEC, Distinguished By Silly Paint

What do you get when you take a Lotus Elise S, subtract one 2ZZ Toyota four-banger, and substitute a Honda K-Series VTEC engine? You go back one in the alphabet and get the Stark Automotive Lotus Elise R. The crew starts with a base Elise, strips the car down and rebuilds the already-nimble sports car to customer… »7/29/08 1:20pm7/29/08 1:20pm


Lotus Eco Elise: Less Weight Equals Greater Fuel Economy, Green Movement Scoffs

Who does Lotus think they're fooling? The huge, evil corporation is now claiming that by trimming 70 lb. from the 1895 lb. Lotus Elise S, they've made it more fuel-efficient. Oh yeah? Those of us in the Birkenstock-wearing, wood-burning-stove-using intellectual elite — we know better. Where's the trunk full of… »7/10/08 11:20am7/10/08 11:20am