Lotus Elan, NA Miata, ND Miata Compared Spec for Spec

“Miata is always the answer”, the Jalopnik overlords have preached since time immemorial. From the moment the Miata arrived on our shores a quarter century ago until today, most automotive journalists have sung its praises incessantly. But there was a time when Miata was not the answer. » 6/16/15 12:34pm 6/16/15 12:34pm

Welcome To Burnaby, Where The Europas And Beats Roam Free

We saw the Chuck D-centric Olds 98 in Toronto a couple weeks back, and now the Canadian contingent is back with a whole bunch of seriously rare machines for our enjoyment. Donkeyassman has spotted a Lotus Europa, Lotus Elan, Chevy Chevelle, Mazda Eunos, and a pair of Honda Beats in the city of Burnaby, B.C. So put on… » 4/29/08 3:00pm 4/29/08 3:00pm

Lotus Remembers The Good Times With Lotus Exige Sprint

In our discussion of the all-time greatest liveries there were a lot of mentions of famous Lotus paint schemes (BRG & Yellow, Team Essex Blue & Red, JPS Black & Gold), but the Elan Sprint of the early 1970s didn't get a mention. This was an oversight on our part, because this limited run Elan was sprinting to 60 mph… » 1/23/08 11:00am 1/23/08 11:00am