The 2010 Lotus "Eagle" Has Landed With New Pictures, Analysis

The British motoring rags are clamoring to reveal "exclusive" details of the 2010 Lotus Eagle. Yesterday, CAR brought us the first shot of the exterior of the new Lotus 2+2. Today, Autocar brings us the first interior shots and details of the powertrain. Even Lotus has gotten in on the act, issuing a press release… »7/16/08 11:00am7/16/08 11:00am


2010 Lotus Eagle Laps Nürburgring, Continues Search For Joker

The upcoming Lotus 2+2 known as the "Eagle" was spotted again, this time at the Nürburgring. Unfortunately, it still is wearing the full camo inspired by Batman's mask. The report from Bridge To Gantry is that the Lotus isn't even doing hot laps, instead just cruising around at a casual pace. that's disappointing… »5/07/08 12:45pm5/07/08 12:45pm