Woman Wins $90 Million Dollar Lottery, Buys Really Boring Car  

As car enthusiasts, we all have what I call "the list." The list of dream cars we would buy if we got some massive windfall of money. I know the first two cars on my list are an E63 wagon and probably a 911 GTS. A Washington state woman who won a $90 million dollar jackpot had no such list, and bought a Subaru. »12/11/14 8:49am12/11/14 8:49am


Scammers Using Toyota's Name To Rip Off Consumers

By way of Toyota's own Open Road Blog is word of a new scam using Toyota's name in vain to obtain financial info for use in identity theft and raiding bank accounts. The scam involves a letter and sometimes an included check branded with Toyota's logo. A couple of different forms of the scam are circulating — one of… »4/25/08 12:20pm4/25/08 12:20pm

34-Year FoMoCo Vet Wins Lottery, Promptly Disses Dearborn's Products

David Sneath, a longtime Ford parts warehouseman out of Livonia, hit the $136,000,000 Mega Millions jackpot on Tuesday. Rather than simply announcing that he planned to drop his job like a monkey dropping a hot penny and embark on a whirlwind squanderathon that will leave future generations of Livonians speaking of… »4/04/08 8:00am4/04/08 8:00am