Wedding Ring Lost In Plane Crash Gets Returned 55 Years Later

Hugh and Hazel Armstrong were flying from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington one day in 1959, when for unknown reasons, their plane went down in a forest in Centralia, Washington. Though both passengers died, Hazel's wedding ring was found and recently returned to her family. »12/06/14 10:59am12/06/14 10:59am


Need Help Finding That First Love? Lost Car Registry

We all do it, you know how it goes: "Oh man, I used to have an old Catalina, that was a great car man, I wish I had never sold it." Well, with the onset of baby boomer gentrification, the phenomenon is growing intense, so much so that a way to hunt down your old car has been created. The Lost Car Registry is just what… »2/18/08 10:00am2/18/08 10:00am