2009 Green Car Of The Year Finalists Announced

What's a dog-and-pony show without some kind of award? At this year's LA Auto Show » 10/30/08 2:40pm 10/30/08 2:40pm they'll be awarding 's fourth Green Car of the Year Award to one of five finalists. The competitors this year are the yet-to-be-unveiled Hybrid, the , , and . The winner will be announced at a November 20th press conference, and we…

Couple Bringing LA to the Water...less Carwash

What to do if your one-year old daughter is allergic to commercial cleaners? If you're a bad parent you might put the kid up for adoption. The Peris of Los Angeles let the experience lead them to create a waterless car washing system that uses low levels of chemicals. The product is apparently good for the environment… » 11/01/07 4:00pm 11/01/07 4:00pm

Ferrari Press Conference: LA Auto Show, Plus Hating the Robb Report

We checked out the Ferrari press conference this morning, and were particularly stoked on Brand Manager-type Antonio Ghini's comments on the marque to the effect that although they've grown to sales of over 5,000 units worldwide, they're still the same. We've known some who complain that new Ferraris don't have the… » 1/05/06 8:43pm 1/05/06 8:43pm