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Lorinser Tunes The C-Class Estate, Finds Stock C-Class Too Pitchy

Those crazy Swabians at Lorinser are at it again! After taking the Mercedes SL up to 11, they've turned their tuning fork on the C-Class T Model (wagon/estate). It's just the vehicle for when you need to get the kids to school, like, yesterday. In addition to the obvious bodywork (air inlets are not standard on most… » 12/12/07 3:30pm 12/12/07 3:30pm

Lorinser Takes Mercedes SL Up To 11, Top Speed Up To 201 MPH

The speed freaks may not be impressed by 201 mph, but we're more than floored at the prospect of nearly 4,000 pounds of luxo-roadster breaking the 200 mph mark. The suave Swabians at Lorinser managed this feat with a Mercedes SL by taking an SL65 Biturbo AMG mill and tweaking the electronic and fuel management systems… » 12/04/07 1:00pm 12/04/07 1:00pm

Swabian Refinement: The Lorinser Mercedes S-Class

Considering we've always had trouble with Teutonic coordinating conjunctions, we're relying on World Car Fans to translate details on Lorinser's new S Class tuner — the Lorinser S 06. First, an engine kit gives it a 30% boost in horsepower, owing to a modified exhaust manifold/catalytic converter unit and sundry… » 7/14/06 1:50pm 7/14/06 1:50pm

Lorinser Introduces Mercedes E-Class Stretch Limousine

German tuning and body-mod house (no, not the kind that implants devil horn bumps in people's heads) Lorinser created a Mercedes E-Class stretch limo that's more than a yard longer than the base model. The stretch includes and added center row of seats (airport-bus style), as well as cosmetic tweaks including a body… » 10/03/05 10:45pm 10/03/05 10:45pm