MG Plans Four Model Range Beyond TF, Future Of Longbridge “Assured”

Shanghai Automotive plans to introduce four new MG models to the UK market starting next year. The company just relaunched production of the MG TF »8/28/08 1:15pm8/28/08 1:15pm with a limited edition run of 500 vehicles, but its plans to have fallen through. All four models will be built at Longbridge, which is currently having its production…


Return of Morris! Longbridge to Resume Building MG-TF

Good news for the UK auto industry — or at least part of it. Nanjing Automobile, the Chinese carbakery that snapped up most of MG Rover Group's assets, says it's re-starting production of MG cars at the company's Longbridge plant in the UK by mid-2007. The plant's been idle for nearly two years as MG Rover ownership… »1/31/07 10:41am1/31/07 10:41am

It's Not OK: Nanjing Downplays Oklahoma Production Plans

Not so fast, Okies! That's the word from China's Nanjing Motors, new owner of MG-Rover. Last week, word came down that the company is reportedly planning a factory in Oklahoma to build new MG sports cars for the states, with the first models coming in two years. But at the British Motor Show, the company distanced… »7/19/06 12:19pm7/19/06 12:19pm

Nanjing to Produce Cars at Longbridge, To Street in '07

As reported in February, the Nanjings signed a 33-year lease on Rover's Longbridge facility, with a clause to opt out if they decided within six months that they couldn't make a go of it. Apparently, much like the Little Engine that Could, they think they can. Currently slated is the return of the MGTF, which should… »4/05/06 8:58pm4/05/06 8:58pm

Sneaking into Defunct UK Factories, Volume One: Longbridge, Birmingham

A few, camera-toting spelunkers broke-and-entered into Rover's erstwhile (and hopefully soon-to-be) Longbridge plant. What they captured, through the magic of digicam, is an eerie portrait of what happens when time runs out for an ailing carmaker. A moment's assembly-line work frozen in time. It's chilling when you… »11/11/05 12:04pm11/11/05 12:04pm